View Full Version : ROG Gaming Center not working like it should

10-19-2016, 09:39 PM
hey, i just got to ask if anyone knows how to fix my ROG gaming center..

the MHz on CPU is always at -2600 even when i reboot or restart the program.. everything else is fine.. but it doesnt seems to get a read on the CPU MHz.. and i find that strange =/ please help!

( my computer is a G752VY)

Also, my Netflix app seems to be lagging when on battery mode but only in fullscreen) is it the app that's the issue or is it something else? i've tried fullscreen with web browser and that works just fine.. =/

what i could add is that i'v just had the computer on ASUS repair and they changed the motherboard, W-lan board and the keyboard.. and the computer is only like a month old..

they also made a recovery after the repair so that it went back to factory settings.. and ive downloaded all the new updates.. Nvidia, critical asus updates, windows, everything that i could think of atleast..
any ideas?