View Full Version : G752VS OC Edition headphone/speaker Crackling Sound

10-23-2016, 11:04 AM
RE: Headphone/speaker crackling sound problem (playing video with a lot of bass) on Asus G752VS OC Edition, similar to this thread:

This fixed it for me: Select an Equalizer (for example "Rock") in Sonic Studio. Previously I tried uninstalling Realtek High Definition Audio from Device Manager and Programs and Features and reinstalling the latest audio driver downloaded from Asus, but that didn't help much. (It currently has latest driver from Asus.)

10-26-2016, 05:48 PM
My first G752VS OC from Amazon had the same issue. I attempted the various suggested fixes with minimal success. I eventually contacted Amazon and explained the issue. They exchanged the laptop with no hassle. My new G752VS OC did not have any sound issues. I also noticed the volume is much louder on this one. I am not sure if they made adjustments in manufacturing since coming out with these first 10 series graphics laptops but my original 'Check NO#' on box was in the 3800s. The new laptop 'Check NO#' on box was in the 6200s. I would definitely if within your return period contact seller for a replacement. This is why I usually buy through Amazon. They make it hassle free and a great experience.