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10-24-2016, 10:13 AM
Hi all,

My GPU is the ASUS Strix GTX 1080 A8G. Both Mafia III and Battlefield 1 would randomly crash to desktop during gameplay. On Saturday morning I installed the latest GPU Tweak II and accidently closed the program. I played Battlefield 1 for the entire day and experienced no crashes. On Sunday morning after a reboot and GPU Tweak II running again in the background, Battlefield 1 crashed to desktop after about 30min of play. It did the same thing with the previous version of GPU Tweak II as well. I had a suspicion that it must be related to the OC Mode I had running in GPU Tweak since day 1 and changed my profile to Gaming Mode. For the rest of the day I had no crashes in Battlefield 1 after many hours of play. Strangely even in OC Mode my card never exceeds 67 C, so I'm not sure why OC Mode is crashing my games?

10-24-2016, 02:21 PM
Does your card come with micron memory, maybe you have the same problem then as with the GTX1070.
It just may be the same thing ore not.

10-24-2016, 04:40 PM
I used CPU-Z and confirmed that my memory is Samsung.

10-24-2016, 05:14 PM
With a card like that there is no point of using the OC mode.

maybe the driver from sunday 375.63 will fix your problem.

10-24-2016, 09:04 PM
With a card like that there is no point of using the OC mode. Truth be told, I experienced no difference in frame rate in Battefield 1 between OC Mode and Gaming Mode. DX12, all settings maxed, 1080P runs at 120 - 130 fps peaking at 160 fps in certain situations.