View Full Version : G75VW Not booting up unless is very cold!

10-29-2016, 02:44 PM
I have an Asus G75VW, 16GB DDR3, 1SSD and 1HDD,Nvidia Geforce GTX with Windows 7. Updated it to win10 but started to have problems and went back to Win7
Long story short, the machine will not boot, post bios, load windows, nada, zero!!
This is what happens, I push the power button, then the power button light turns on, Bluray clicks, then keyboard light up, fans kick on and then…. black screen. Nothing happens but maybe SSD turns on but cannot tell since is solid state. Initially I thought that motherboard was dead. But before coming to that conclusion, I needed to eliminate some basic possible problems to see what might be possibly wrong.
This is what I have done so far and it has not worked:
1. I remove the battery and only use the power supply. Nothing!
2. I remove battery and power supply; hold the power button for a minute. Connect power, and Nothing!
3. Remove Bluray player 2nd HHD. Nothing
4. Removed memory modules and or alternated them. Nothing
5. Disassemble machine and replace thermal paste with Arctic Silver. Replacement paste was a little old but was goopy. I had to measure the amount so I can make it last for so many locations. I replace the CPU chip paste and the paste on other heat sink! That one had about 10 different locations for paste. Hope I put them on all!!!
6. Temperature on unit I say about 50C max.
Machine did not boot up!
Here is the kicker, when I put the laptop on the refrigerator for 1.5 hrs to 2, the laptop has NO PROBLEMS booting up! (this happens before or after the repasting) Loads Win7 just fine like normal!! One other interesting thing is that while it is running, I can do a Shutdown/reboot and will load windows just fine. If I turn it off and then turn on, it will NOT. This solution worked before and after replacing the thermal paste. I have done this cooling down at a test and not as a permanent solution. -Today it decided not work out of the fridge! this use to be a sure method to get it running but is no longer doing it!
A machine this expensive should not have any problems like this! While it was on warranty, I sent it back to Asus for repair. Something on the keyboard that was making the screen blink. When I opened the machine a few days ago, I found they missed to put back some screws and one of the clamps for the ribbon cable is not clamping a ribbon cable in place.

Any ideas are appreciated!! This is the limit of my knowledge and would like to figure out this puzzle.