View Full Version : How can i Install clean Win 10 in a G74sx

10-29-2016, 05:42 PM
Hey Guys,

Ive been trying to install a consistent win 10 in my g74sx gaming laptop. It work just fine for around 4 months, but then it started to throw some blue screen o my pc just froze anytime. I ve reinstalled win 10, and my pc isnt working as it should. How can i found drivers that function just fine, and in which order i have to install them. Thank you

10-30-2016, 03:15 AM
Should be able to install it just fine. Believe it or not I have a G74SX that started off running Vista. Then upgraded to Win 7 Pro, then upgraded again to Win 10 pro then again to the anniversary edition. All in place upgrades that all began with the original OS. Only thing Ive done is replaced the 5200 rpm spinner that came in it with an 850 Pro. I actually just used a USB to sata adapter to do the cloning. When I was done, pulled the spinner and put the SSD in its place. The memory has also been maxed out but cant even remember what I put in there at this point. Machine still chugs right along as good as it ever did and is great for what it is, old technology at this point. You know its old when a Surface pro IV with the 580 iris on die graphics spanks the G74SX in 3D marks. Not that its all that high but firestrike on the Surface is at 1600 while the G74SX has issues breaking 1000. G752VY is 8400 out of the box and easily tweaking to top 9K. New models with the 1070s are hitting the 14K range tweaked out and the desktop I just finished with two Strix 1080 AG cards in SLI is hitting 25K on stock clocks (not even the facotry OC)

As for order of drivers Ive always started with the chipset first then network, USB and sata controllers, then graphics. and everything else really doesnt mattter what order.