View Full Version : Intrerruptions while playing audio and video during Nvidia gpu activity

10-30-2016, 08:11 AM
Hi everyone!

I have G551JW with win7 ultimate x64 installed.
I have the following problem: While any software even GPU Monitor gadget or FurMark or Nvidia inspector is running i get some "intrerruptions" or this kind of "stuttering" during i play videos or music i mean on audio side. I've been trying all bios versions and drivers but no success.

I tested as well with external sound card but no effect. So i realize, when i see any small activity in Nvidia GPU Activity i get these kind of intrreruptions.
While i operate windows i want to use integrated graphics and during games i want to use Nvidia GPU. I did the settings for that in Nvidia Control Panel but no changes.
What is the problem if i want to monitorize my Nvidia GPU temperature in windows and in the same time is use my integrated graphics?
In GPU-Z ROG Version i see that sometimes is reading the gpu frequency and sometimes not i mean it appears -Mhz and sometimes the actual frequency and when is reading the frequency (accesing Nvidia GPU) is coming this kind of intrerruptions while i play audio...

What we can do in this case because it's really annoyng. I don't want to disable the NVIDIA GPU and when i play games to enable even i know that is ok when i do that.

Thank you!

11-01-2016, 10:36 AM
Hello maryo_mariux
Is it possible for you to record the "interruptions" or this kind of "stuttering" you mentioned with the process of duplicating this issue in a video?
Also, do you see a Nvidia audio driver or something similar? If you see this, try disabling it. Thank you