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10-30-2016, 05:16 PM
Good Afternoon everyone,

After 2 days of searching for problem solutions and reinstalling and installing drivers and changing settings i finally gave up and want to share my problem with you.
In Every game i played (except BeamNg) after some while of playing I get these pixels on my screen and the game suddenly freezes (cities skylines) helps only alt tab out and force close the game.
But at GTA V its not that issue I can play for hours no lag everything perfect. The game freezes only when im chased by police and i have *** and it must be night, then the police chopper appears(he turns his search light on) and then the **** happens it freezes up, only reboot helps.
Sometimes ill get this message ''Display driver stopped working and has been recovered.....''

Drivers uninstalled with DDU in Safe mode currently 359.00 drivers on it
I've had up to date drivers but that was the same.
Geforce experience uninstalled
Temps at load 75-85 degree celsius

Running on Windows 8.1 64bit
Intel i7-4700HQ 2.40GHz
8gb RAM
Samsung 256GB SSD (win)
1TB split to 2 pieces 600 and 400 GB (600empty 400games and stuff)

Is the graphic card gone or its just a software thing.
Want to open the housing and clean the **** out of there. (dust and etc.)

Thank you for the suggestions, and sorry for the language im pissed off

this is how it looks


10-30-2016, 07:21 PM

I've actually seen these before and it's a very specific type of stability issue caused by one of the following below; You won't like #2.

Instability symptom #1: Memory clock increased too high which is unstable at memory ICs operating voltage - dependent on manufacturer (ranges between 1.3v ~ 1.5v).
Instability symptom #2: VRM (specifically the FETs in each phase) haven't been properly cooled in a long time (last time you repasted/new thermal pads?); A given time period with high VRM thermals CAN decrease overall GPU stability/functionality with their controllers.
Instability symptom #3: Flashing another VBIOS version can affect GPU stability (even at stock clocks). It also can address GPU stability as well.

Your GPU is 3+1 VRM power design. It's uncommon but it does happen, your VRM could have a malfunctioning condition. Given the scenario you provided with drivers and your stability issue, you can opt to use a modified VBIOS with a slight overvolt past 'ASIC' voltage, which may correct your stability problem if it's related to the core.

If you've done everything you can with drivers, OS, even testing others applications for the same symptom, then the aforementioned above is likely to be one of them.

10-30-2016, 08:07 PM
Thank you for the quick respond

My last hope is a clean OS install, and repasting the GPU.

What i've seen today, my laptop crashed with 70 degree celsius and 10mins of play (Cities:Skylines).
I dont understand that thing with the BIOS where can i get it and how can I flash it? Same flashing as the original BIOS?
The other thing is I have no cooling pad, because I moved and my flat isnt finished so I dont play at a table. So when its finished i wil get a cooling pad.

Tomorrow ill be reinstalling Windows and then we see.

If nothing works, is the graphic card gone?

10-30-2016, 08:39 PM
A clean OS install may help determine if the crash still happens under a vanilla install. The repasting opportunity window might have already passed, but it doesn't hurt to try as many options as possible right now!

The GPU VBIOS can be flashed separately from the system BIOS with the G750 models and up. You can use GPU-Z to save your current VBIOS ROM (shown in pic) and upload it here. I can then modify the scaled voltage range up to 25mV for it, which should be more than enough. This also means I need your current load voltage when gaming or benching (use GPU-Z sensors tab). Once I'm done, I'll upload it here and then you can flash it using the latest version of NVFlash (or from v5.151 to latest) and begin testing stability again.

If this doesn't solve the issue, we can try using an updated version of your VBIOS (dependent on manufacturer dates on models, as the VBIOS ROMs are revised as well).

If nothing else works and the same issue is reoccurring, then yes, the GPU could be on its way out.

EDIT: Once all options have been exhausted, you can purchase another 770M off eBay (from a G750JX) and just carry over the heatsink assembly from your current one and be back in action again, so as long as the seller was honest with his item description.

10-31-2016, 10:56 AM
I just wanted to save the BIOs and there is message comming ''Bios reading not supported on this device''

10-31-2016, 02:02 PM
Then you'll have to use NVFlash to do it.

Download NVFlash as mentioned above and use CMD (with admin rights) and "cd" to the NVFlash dir. To save your VBIOS, type in: nvflash -b xxxxx.rom (where xxxxx is your filename).

EDIT: If the same error you were having is reported again, you may need to try an older version of NVFlash. *