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10-31-2016, 09:06 PM
Hello dear FORUM full of wise-man!

This is actually a serious question NOT based on price difference!

Please read on:

Both of these ASUS ROG laptops in my country are available at the EXACT same price. They have EXACT same specs -- 960M 2GB video card, 1TB7200RPM, 8 to 12GBRAM and WIN10.

Now the difference is that the G551JW has (according to laptopmedia.com) A TOP 10/10 PWM rating -- the tech that dimms your brightness and is supposed to matter on eye soreness; While the GL552VW has a ****ty 3.6/10 PWM rating.

I don't even know if this PWM rating matters at all, but OTOH i don't even know if i will notice the difference between 6700 and 4720!

Now you see i used to own ASUS ROG G550JK-CN268D as a working laptop. And i had ZERO PWM issues.

The problem is that I CANNOT FIND its PWM value!! If i could and it was bad, then this would really mean that it is of no importance to me.

However there is a chance that it was a "niche" model like the G551JW.... if i could only find its PWM value it would be great!

I'm NOT a hardcore gamer, although i do play games. Example: I'd love to play my Witcher 3, run some League and Batman games, but in no way am i competitive-hardcore-driven-contest gamer! I do not care about "ultra high graphics settings 100% of the time DURRRR" as well! I ran my witcher 3 on my 850M last year -- using medium graphics and was totally satisfied!

OTOH i really WANT A VERY FAST machine and no i will not get a desktop one! :)

I intent to study programming so will definitely upgrade to SSD later on (and more RAM).

My budget does not allow me the high-end priced laptops like Alienware and Acer Predator or Nitro models!

Finally As any person knowing that xvideos.com >> pornhub -- multi-tasking is of importance to me.

Which one of the babes would you recommend me?

Thank you!

11-01-2016, 07:00 AM
go for gl552vw
GL552VW is better i think

has ddr4 ram

well the gpu is the same 960m

i own a G551JW

11-01-2016, 09:08 AM
go for gl552vw
GL552VW is better i think

has ddr4 ram

well the gpu is the same 960m

i own a G551JW

As far as most charts say -- the 4720HQ is almost the same as 6700HQ.

The only real major difference is indeed the DDR4 ram... and i'm not sure how much of a difference would that be?

Also i would personally rate MUCH MUCH higher in priority the monitor. However i don't know if this "magical" PWM thing even matters at ALL after reading forums about it.

Again -- if i could find the G550JK model's monitor PWM rating i would know for sure because THAT monitor was amazing for me and i could stay all day no problem, no strain, no sweat!!

11-02-2016, 10:00 AM
There are many factors to consider when choosing between these two laptops. Of course, its obvious for a fact that the other is basically an upgrade, but let me explain further.

1. i7-4720HQ vs i7-6700HQ - they both offer similar clock speeds with a higher turbo boost of 3.6 for the 4720. the 4720hq wins with the single core performance benchmarks, but the 6700hq wins multicore tests. now don't get confused because their performance is basically on par with each other, but let me tell you that the 6700hq's technology makes it far more efficient in terms of energy use and temperatures. although they are on pretty much on par with performance, the 6700hq wins with its efficiency

2. DDR4 ram vs DDR3 - Hardly any noticeable difference here unless you're pretty particular with numbers, but generally, DDR4 ram offers higher bandwidth and offers faster multi-rendering speeds. One thing I could point out again is that DDR4 rams are more efficient than DDR3 with its lower voltages. Again, maybe this might not be so important to you. :)

3. Temperatures - this is an important thing to consider, especially with the GL551. most people who own gl551 laptops report or complain about thermal throttling at just below 75 degrees and would have lower performance right after. This is rather something negative as most laptops should be thermal throttling on at least 90 degrees or even 100. It's also all over the internet that ASUS technicians would admit to people that the gl551 model has a faulty sensor and such.

but on a positive note, a lot of people have also reported that updating the BIOS has increased the max temperatures for the laptop.

so on this factor, I guess the GL552 model wins again as it has less reported problems with its temperatures

4. SSD Upgradeability - Another important factor if you plan on upgrading to an SSD.

For the GL551 - PLEASE TAKE NOTE that the gl551 model only has ONE (1) drive bay for a conventional 2.5" SATA III SSD. But this is NOT an extra bay. You would have to take off and replace the stock HDD to put in the 2.5" SSD. But on another positive note, the model supports an Mini mSata SSD, but this would require you to open up certain parts of the computer (aside from its back panel) that could potentially void its warranty.

For the GL552 - The model supports and has an extra slot for m.2 2280 SATA III SSDs and is easily upgradeable through its back panel. Also, this will not void its warranty.

So again, the GL552 model wins this one

5. Screen - Both screens are IPS screens, but lets go to the PWM because you mentioned that.

Laptopmedia tested both laptop models (GL551jw-ds71 and GL552vw-dh71) and came up with these results. Note: Lower PWM is better
GL551 - NO PWM at all brightness levels.
GL552 - PWM is present at ALL brightness levels.

GL551 wins this as lower PWM would be healthier and less aggressive for your eyes

Going on to Color gamut, this is especially important if you're particular about colors with video editing, photo editing, modeling or rendering. Note: Higher is better
GL551 - 84% sRGB color gamut
GL552 - 91% sRGB color gamut

GL552 wins in this case

Now, if you ask me, I'll definitely get the GL552 model because of its efficiency with its newer 6th gen processor and DDR4 ram. Also to add is its easier upgradeability. But overall, they're basically almost the same and I guess the price would be the last factor you would think of.

11-02-2016, 03:05 PM
There are but two things to really consider and what all of this boils down to.
Power consumption of the Skylake is lower. Lower Vram, lower Vcore, lower temps and in grand scheme of things this also means........longer battery run time.

M2 slot on the Gl552. SATA SSD=500 Mbps M.2 NVME is now past 3Gbp with the 960 pro.