View Full Version : Problem with G750JX. Wont properly turn on without external monitor connected :S

11-06-2016, 01:09 PM
Iv got a major problem with my G750JX that basically renders my laptop almost unusable as a mobile laptop :S

In short my laptop will not turn properly on without being connected a secondary display. The display can be anything from a monitor to a home cinema receiver(even without a screen connected to it), through VGA or HDMI (haven't been able to test display-port).
What happens is my pc turns on without an external display, the internal display turns on but remains black. Nothing I do can get it to display a picture while started without a second display :S.
When I turn the pc on while connected to my home cinema receiver or to an external display, the pc turns on as it should and display image on the internal screen as well :S. If I after starting up connected to a second display, disconnects the external display the internal screen continues to work normally...

What I can say is the "Post screen"(first loading circle during startup) displays always on the external screen, same with the BIOS.
When i try to run Aida64 or HWinfo to look on the hw info of the screen(model, make and so on) it doesn't even show up... It shows the external screen but not the internal :S. If I'v disconnected the external display after starting the pc, the monitor tab is empty... Like this: HWinfo64 and Aida64 (http://imgur.com/a/Rsg3H)

In Bios I'v tried to disable fast boot to no avail, and the w10 hybrid startup is also disabled to no avail :S

Any ideas what I can do?

This basically means i cant use the any places where i cant connect it to an external display, unless i start it up at home and just set it to standby while i move it :S...

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Tnx in advance

Espen Behrens

11-08-2016, 10:17 AM

11-09-2016, 09:48 AM
Hello EspenB89
I would suggest to send your unit to RMA for check ups
Thank you