View Full Version : G751JY some keys getting unresponsive.

11-08-2016, 09:02 PM
Hello everyone.

I took my laptop to an authorized Asus service center here in my country twice recently and they have failed to completely diagnose the root of my problem. At first I only had problems with my Left Fan being way too loud all of a sudden, but they said it is still doing its job fine cooling my computer and it just continued being loud despite the clean up. I accepted that and ordered a Fan to have mine replaced; they never got back to me.

2nd time I went there I was having trouble with some of my keys being unresponsive intermittently. Keys W, 2, F1, F2, and escape sometimes wont work. When they finished inspecting my laptop they told me all keys were fine and working. I tried them all and they seem to be working perfectly fine at the time. Now the technician assured me he didn't open my laptop the first time I went there because it was 2 years old and he didn't want to open it without reason. It was at this point I immediately thought that he didnt do anything like clean my fan because youd have to open my laptop to clean the fan. Another issue I was having was some of the videos online would get these black glitchy things while playing- which i was able to fix on my own by updating flash.

Right now in order to fix my keyboard I have tried installing the latest BIOS for it which is 211. Didn't work. At this point I ordered a new battery along with my fan because that might be causing the problem since I've had some issues with my battery before, which the service center failed to address a year ago and just said everything is fine. I'm suppose to leave my laptop at the service center while waiting for the parts to be shipped from the US which they told me would atleast take 30-45 days. I think that's absurd and I can't afford to not have a computer for a month and a half.

I hope someone can help me. I am thinking of opening my laptop myself just to fix this issue but I'd like to explore other options first. The unresponsive keys seem to work if I hit keys next to like S or A for my W key. When I get W working so far all keys would end up working for a second.

11-09-2016, 04:51 AM
I've also ran a thorough virus scan on my pc. Clean. Could it be that its time to replace my keyboard?