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11-10-2016, 02:42 PM
Hello all,

I recently got an ASUS G551JW, that supposedly have an IPS panel, but the screen really looks terrible compared with my external monitor or another laptop. The colors look wear off without clear definition, and before sending it to the local warranty I want to ask the community if you ever found similar issues.

I uninstalled SPLENDID, tried with color profiles, installed a new fresh windows 10 and nothing worked. I can make it look slightly better by tuning the colors with the Intel Graphics Tool (more saturation, little less brightness, little less gamma and so on), but still looks like a terrible low quality screen.

I'm attaching pictures comparing to an old MSI (2013), and to be clear the ASUS looks worse than my old ACER ASPIRE 7745G...


MSI 2013

Both laptops

Thanks for the help

11-10-2016, 04:57 PM
I checked the panel,and it's an LCD:

Model: N156HGE-EAB
Monitor ID: CMN15C4

I found that some models come with terrible screens that display very low quality:

I feel badly scammed by ASUS as this was an expensive laptop for me, almost USD$1000 from an authorized distributor in my country (I live in latin america).

Is this covered by the warranty? is it possible to switch for IPS?

11-11-2016, 04:17 AM
i think the IPS model is LG AH-IPS panel with a model number LP156WF4-SPH1

11-11-2016, 07:03 PM
Looking right now. With some luck I'll buy it today to get it next week.

I rather void the warranty by changing the display myself rather than pay anything else for Asus **** products anyway. I'll sell it anyway to buy something useful.