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11-12-2016, 10:20 PM
Hello all. As the title says I own the G751JY-T7132H and I'd like to swap my 1TB 7200 RPM HDD and install in its place the following SSD: •Samsung EVO 850 SATA 3 •Storage: 500GB •Model: MZ-75E500B/EU •Reading speed: 540 MB/sec •Writing speed : 520MB/sec •Cache Memory: 256MB Low Power DDR3 SDRAM •Dimensions: - 2.5 Inch- 7cm x 10cm x 0.93cm ( width x length x height ) •Weight: 60gr •Software that comes with it: Samsung Magician Software for SSD management
My laptop came with a pre-installed SATA 3 128GB SSD. If I remove my HDD, is there a compatible slot to place the SSD mentioned above? Is the SSD mentioned above compatible in general? Thank you for your time.

11-13-2016, 09:25 AM

11-13-2016, 03:57 PM
There are so many variations of this machine globally its hard to keep up.
Reading into your post it sounds like you have a spinner in bay 2 and a 128 M2 SSD in bay one. Is this correct?
ASUS played a cruel joke on this machine. Bay 2 is SATA II, not SATA III. Putting a 850 EVO there is a waste of money as it will not see that 500MB/s speeds. The other side where the M2 slot is also has a SATA connector that is SATA III.

Samsung magician provides no advantage nor do Samsung drivers.

Your best bet would be to replace the existing 128MB drive with a larger M2 PCIe AHCI drive like this one. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147425

Next choice you can put the 850 evo in the SATA III port but will either have to do some modifications or remove the 128GB M2 drive for it to fit.

11-13-2016, 04:46 PM
Yes, bay 1 has the SSD and bay 2 has the HDD. About bay 2, I'm really curious who thought SATA II was a good idea and approved it. Anyway, swapping out my SSD in bay 1 is gonna be tricky since that's where Windows is installed and this complicates things ( or so I've read ). A local store is going to have massive sales in 2 weeks so money is not going to be an issue and this takes us to the following question: Can that Samsung EVO SATA 3 work with the SATA 2 port? If so, is it faster than the 7200 RPM HDD currently installed even if it is SATA 2? Finally, is there any chance that I might have a SATA 3 port in bay 2 or did ASUS screw us all up? How can I find out? Also, the SSD in bay 1 is SATA, it says it in the box that it's SATA and not PCIe. I'm not sure what M.2 refers to. Does it refer to SATA 2.5 inch SSDs or those small ones like the one you linked on your post? Thank you for your time.