View Full Version : HDD icon flashing non stop on just Returned from RMA asus rogG752

11-15-2016, 04:07 PM
Hi I just got my 3month old asus rog G752 back from RMA. Everything seems ok with it except the harddisk drive icon(one of the 5 icons under the touchpad buttons) is flashing non stop. Also looks like the HDD icon is making the airplane icon light up mildly as well.

I dont seem to remember my laptop having these flashing icons before the RMA. The 2 icons for battery and showing its plugged in work fine. I just called support and he said this this is nothing to worry about. Now maybe I didnt notice the flashing before since I wasnt even thinking about it I'm not 100% sure.

Is this normal for the laptop to have a non stop flashing light on the HDD being used icon?

11-15-2016, 05:29 PM
Hi, if your notebook has been away for awhile guessing either your antivirus/security software may be scanning, or Windows Updates are being installed if you want to check this or give it a day to finish up. By the way have you installed Win10 Anniversary Update yet? Windows might be trying to install this if you don't already have it. Type 'winver' in the search bar to check if you have the latest Win10 version 1607 which Windows will probably be installing for you if you don't have it yet.

Otherwise, if you want to hit alt+ctrl+del and open task manager (details) you can check your disk utilization and maybe identify the program that is keeping your HDD busy, but expect eventually it should stop once it finishes what it's doing.

Hope this helps, but please ask for more suggestions if it doesn't. Thanks.