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11-24-2016, 09:34 PM
Hello everyone, I'm having a huge issue with my g751jt to the point I'm afraid ill be stuck with a completely useless laptop that's still under varranty.
I'd like to apologise for any grammar mistakes I made and I apologise for a TL;DR post

Since the day I purchased my laptop I quickly realised, it's having random freezes every now and then. (factory settings with all the rog-ware)
From past experiences, I assumed it must be a drivers/application problem and a quick google search showed me some of the causes that might do this.

I did a clean install, installed all the OEM drivers from asus support site even though some of the weren't up to date. Nothing changed.
I did another clean install, this time installing all the latest recommended drivers from manifacturers site. Nothing changed.

I tried systematically rule out the driver(s) that caused this, nothing changed, infact, it didn't matter what I installed, even if id let the laptop install MS drivers the computer would randomly hang on me. I followed asus stickied tutorials on clean install.

Event viewer shows the following warnings;

Iastora(129) Reset device \Device\RaidPort0, was issued
Disk(51) An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 during operation
ESSENT(508) ....this problem is likely due to faulty hardware....

Now, I tried numerous "solutions" for the Iastora, checked everything from intel rapid technology drivers, firmware, bios etc, I scanned entire system with hiren's boot, AIDA, checked disks health with sandisks monitor, checked power settings, checked bios settings. Plugged out all USB devices. Nothing. Everything is perfectly fine.

I did all these things on both w8.1 and w10. Frankly, It took me forever.

In fear it might be hardware, i took the laptop to official asus repair shop, since they didn't allow me to open the back of it, to see if there's any lose cables attached to SSD. Knowing i couldn't pintpoint the problem i wrote them everything i found out so far and attached all the eventvwr logs i still had left.

The very next day, i get a call from the shop. They told me the laptop passed all the asus tests and it works perfectly fine; they found no issues what so ever.

Sighs. I try to explain them this is not the case, but I'm being told that i need an evidence, since the evidence from windows wont suffice.

Evidence you ask? Well, they require i take a video of my computer freezing. Because the logs apperently aren't enough.
So here i am, writing this post, and recording my screen. Luckily it already froze, so tomorrow I'm bringing my laptop back to the shop.

Am i being played around? Was anyone ever asked of such thing?
Last thing i need is a broken "premium" laptop.
The worse thing is they are the >only< official asus repair shop in my country so basicly i have nowhere else to go.

You know, i really could get over the no-power on screen when booting issues, cracking sound, but this is just too much, laptop isn't functioning, it cannot perform simple tasks, it's useless.

This is not a functional computer.

Is there anything i can do to restore my faith in Asus? Anyone had a similar hanging issues (please do give me the magical solution) ?
Should I just follow the "record the screen" procedure, or just contact consumer protection and not waste my time ?

If you got this far, thank you for reading and have a nice day! :)

11-25-2016, 04:44 AM
While some repair shops are questionable I have to go with them on this one. If they cant reproduce the error they cant try and fix it.

First question is do you have the original factory image? and tried that.

Second what was the source of your Intel rapid storage drivers? Intel site? The ones on ASUS are unfortunately far outdated and most likely ported for the original OS that came on the machine.

This sounds like either a driver issue or failing drive.

12-04-2016, 10:14 AM
This is a common rog laptop problem. On some games its unbearable, on others it is non existent. Very annoying but so far im living with it. Also definitely not buying an asus ever again.