View Full Version : Problem With G752 Boot Options After Fresh Windows 10 Install on M.2 SSD

Hesam Shakourian
12-05-2016, 05:35 AM
I have installed a fresh windows 10 on my M.2 SSD (ROG G752), installed my drivers and everything worked out fine.
I only have one problem now.
I only see ONE boot option in my BIOS and I don't see my M.2 SSD there?
when I disable my original boot, it keeps looping back into my BIOS. When I enable it, then i see 2 windows on start up. so I am running 2 operating system, and I can't disable the original one.
would you know what happened there?
would you know how I can fix this issue. How can I see both my original HDD and my m.2 SSD in the bios?