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12-06-2016, 08:03 AM
Maybe you can help me? I am building a new Asus Hero VIII and i7 6700k system.. Parts bought and my memory is on the mobo list is below.. I can not get my case until Jan but I think the system should run fine on mobo box and laid out on my desk a few weeks- can think of it as a testing period.. I have built systems before but not from Asus or ROG..

My question is the drivers from the support page is confusing.. I downloaded latest bios 2202 and is on a usb drive and fat32.. I will flash it from EzFlash in bios as soon as boot on system.. I will only use my psu and memory and monitor and Gigabyte gtx 1080 g1 gaming vid card and Noctua d15 cooler and its fans plugged into the mobo- minimal to flash the bios.. After that will add my Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd and Asus sata dvd burner encase need drivers from disc.. I will install W10 from usb drive.. I want a lean fast gaming machine..

I downloaded the mei and chipset drivers- I guess I should install the chipset first and then mei and other drivers after like sound and video after windows installs w10 and updates.. I do not know if need the software install utility or not? I do not want to install some of the stuff like keybot- overwolf- ramcache- memtweak- kaspersky- daemontools- webstorage- gamefirst- ramdisc- sonic radar..

I guess the sound drivers are package with sonic amp and radar included?? it is like 7 downloads for audio and I am not sure what I need for sound- well most all selections have multi downloads and names and is confusing.. Not sure what sound I need.. I guess yes I want AI suite so I can use its 5 way auto over clocking feature.. Am not sure if need the hot fix- not sure if need the vga drivers being I have a stand alone card.. I guess I need ASUS AI Suite 3 V1.01.30- and lighting controls so can change color on chipset? I want the cpu-z.. The sata - lan and usb all look easy enough and W10 might install somethings for me.. I am trying to get my ducks in a row- download and be ready..

I do not know what these are--> ASUS AO Help and DIP5_10360.. Can you give me a list of exact basic drivers and utilities I need ? I wish this site was set up with the Hero VIII in its own section and threads it would be easier to search and read posts for help on just the one mobo versus willy nilly and everything ran together.. I hope this is not very confusing- lol the drivers page sure is-- I am sorry in advance..

This is what I have- well my psu will be here tomorrow-->


Intel i7 6700K

Dell S2716DG 27"

Noctua NH-D15- cpu cooler

Kingston- HX421C14FBK2/16- 2 stick 16Gb CL14 kit [the old kit with double sided 16x 512mb chips]... I wanted a Corsair CL13 2 stick kit but is not on the mem list and I am afraid to have mem probs so I settle on this and tho normally cost more than the corsairs.. It seems Asus is pushing 4 stick kits- 98% on list is all 4x sticks and I read of tons and tons of problems and xmp etc etc.. My mem should do 2666 same cl14 timings and 1.2 voltage- will see.. Umm I noticed the mem is not on the new mem list but was on the older- I hope it works.. I am so afraid of the mobo- few out today no matter who makes them has much more than a 50% rating- might might not work etc.. I got the whetstone it cost less and has better ratings than the normal hero board- newer I guess- newer bios maybe? I do not care about the mouse pad but will use it..

Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming Video Card

Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD

EVGA SuperNOVA 750watt 220-G2-0750-XR

Klipsch promedia 2.1 Dell S2716DG 27" 1440p 144hz 1ms Gsync

ASUS DRW-24B1ST dvd burner

* Jan. will get- I am disabled on limited income and have to save- I had a house fire last year and lost everything.. I cant get it all at 1 time- I have a keyboard and mouse until then-->

Thermaltake Core V71- case
LG WH16NS40 Blue Ray Burner
Kingston HyperX Cloud II Over‑Ear Headset ‑ Red..
Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weight Tuning
Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard (K72357USA)

Thank you

12-06-2016, 04:54 PM
Setting up your system outside of a case is actually a great way to make sure everything is working correctly, Chipset, MEI and NIC and Nvidia drivers are all you need to start with, Windows has sound drivers that will work fine for now, you have picked very good components and should have no issues, I have not personally used Kingston Dram for some time but you shouldn't have any unforeseen problems with that kit, make sure to take care installing the CPU and heatsink, may issues can be traced to uneven pressure or over tightening of the heatsink, run your system at defaults for awhile before overclocking or using XMP profile on your memory, ASUS boards are designed to operate with 2 or 4 memory modules but using only one kit of the capacity needed is the best option and memory speed in reality has little impact on overall system performance

Sound drivers usually install everything needed including sonic studio plugins so you don't need multiple installs, it is just confusing due to the number of updated drivers since release, as for all the other included software I never install it, some say they have issues, some say it all works great, I would say if there were issues it would be related to software conflicts with other installed programs

Good luck, and come back to share your experience or ask further advice if needed

12-06-2016, 08:37 PM
Thanks Menthol,

Cool- the few drivers to install sound good.. I read of so many problems with either memory or sound.. I bought this board mostly for its sound tho using a 2.1 speaker set up now I will get 5.1 later.. LOL for like 1 hour a week or so ago Amazon had the Logtech Z906 new for $218.00 not bad but I already bought my klipsch and spent my money at that time and made me sad- normally 350 dollars.. I wanted a gaming board and or ROG and hope it lasts- wanted Intel lan and sata and a lil future proofing too..

Ya I had always read 2 sticks of mem is better than 4.. I almost bought the Dominator's *4 stick CL10 3.5v kit and is on mem list but did not want to pay 150 dollars for them.. I also know these boards are picky and Asus seems to have most all 4 stick kits on its list- have read a lot about mem probs and using like 3000 mem or higher and xmp not working.. These mobos have been out like a year or longer now and still not right is sad.. I wanted the lowest cl and 2 stick kit I could get- the Kingstons was the only ones on the mobo mem list.. We spend a lot of money and want it to work and right- so many have to be rma'ed and cost us like 40 dollars to do so.. I avoid rebates because read how none want to pay up- stuff gets sickening after a while.. I am disabled and have to save for what I want and all I do or care about is gaming- I hope this mobo works and lasts and is the only thing of all I bought that worries me..

I hope it pushes my 1440 monitor good- Gsync should help.. I got 4 new games with parts bought- 2 of them is Gears of War 4 and Watch Dogs 2 and is type games I like and will buy more :) I got my monitor new from Amazon for 499.99 not bad.. Dell is said good monitors and have good warranty- from what I read this is the best of its kind- less problems etc..

I hope every one has great Holidays- if my system works I will..

12-06-2016, 09:09 PM
Oh ya,

Can anyone tell me best free and works in W10 stress test programs to get 100% cpu etc.. I had read of probs with Prime95 and Haswell I think it was.. I normally use Memtest86 and Prime- normally test 12 to 24 hours.. I also have the 3D Mark bundle on Steam- read can run it out side of steam too..


12-06-2016, 09:15 PM
Hi ezeht

Welcome to the ROG forum !

ROG Realbench is a good stress testing program to use.


I'm using 16GB of Kingston HyperX Predator and it works well, you see people having problems with higher speed ram because higher speed ram in most cases needs some voltage tweaking in the bios.

Just to give you a little insight of what you can expect performance wise here is Doom I recorded with Xsplit Gamecaster which Asus gives you a year free, if you plan on using Xsplit Gamecaster click on the guide in my signature at the bottom of my post.

This is with the ROG Strix 1070, keep an eye on the Frames Per Second at the top right corner.


12-06-2016, 10:15 PM

I can only view in 720p on this old lap top.. Nice FPS.. I normally record with Fraps and ZD Soft and convert resize with Any Video Converter a great program.. Neither fraps or ZD works with all games- normally if 1 would not the other would- now Nvidia has its own recording program and Ansel too for screen shots- I think W10 has a recorder too- so I think I might be good.. I cant wait to try Ansel but think only certain games allow it..

I am a big fan of making my in game videos and taking screens and making Animated Gifs from both and posting them into or on game forums or add to my facebook youtube or Steam.. I have over 3000 vids on Youtube- deleted like 2,900 and lost like 17,000 in the fire last year.. Fire sucks and if not burn can surely ruin everything.. So I have not had much and have been saving all I can for my gaming rig- not played a game since last Sep 2015.. Am on this old laptop of my sisters it cant game or none I like but I can get on the net and watch netflix etc.. I cant wait to max out my settings in my games- 35fps is fine for me and if smooth while recording- ya 60 or more is better or some go crazy over it- id rather max all settings and enjoy the beauty and have a few less fps if needed lol- I might only be able to go 4x aa with 1440 but should look fine- will max everything else tho and I love NV Physx.. I do not know if I will ever get 144 fps on my monitor but the 1440p and Gsync should be nice.. I think my G1 gaming 1080 will do pretty good- it has high ratings and clocks and cost less than the others.. I wish I could have waited for the 1080Ti but is still a few months away.. I was waiting for holiday sales to buy or most of it and have to test etc and return to store bought from if any probs- so the Ti is to far away- but is ok.. I will save my money for a new 1180 when it comes out a few years from now and already thinking ahead lol :)

I want to buy but will be a few months from now- Fallout 4- Dishonored 2 and the new Tomb Raider game- Witcher 4- Mafia 3- the new Doom game- the new Metal Gear games- maybe Just Cause 4 and the FarCry 4 and FC Primal and a few more- the longer I wait and or catch sales the less they will cost for sure.. Gees I have so many- well I lost all my retail discs in fire like 650 games- but I have near 1100 on Steam and others on Origin and Uplay and GFWL.. Wanted 1000 games on my Steam so was buying the heck out of bundles- now will only buy what I will play and is tons on my Steam I have not played yet lol.. Stalker SOC is what ive played most- like 72x and 8,000 hours about 50/50 nilla/ mods- well played UT04 for 17 hours a day for 2.5 years so many hours in that.. Fallout3 and first Borderlands games have like 3,500 in each- all of those was retail disc games- but many I also have on Steam or other platforms too- all pc tho- I do not touch consoles.. I need 50 more hours on Steam in Borderlands 2 for 1000 hours- need like 300 in Saints Row The Third to have 1000- was almost there before the fire.. If my ROG lasts I will get there and play the heck out of some games and make more videos etc- Woot :)

I started gaming and built my first rig in 2004 when became disabled- an Abit system.. My first games was Unreal Tournament 2004 and HalfLife 2- been mostly loving it since other than games have gone 7 dlc' and poor made for AM-- and port games and Windows doing all it can to mess things up.. I loved XP and W7- skipped W8 and now read of all the communist guff with W10 near same as with Vista junk- I do not think I will much like W10 but MS is forcing it on us or if want new hardware anyway- and then most of the hardware seems like poor made in China junk anymore.. IMO Gaming has gone down since 2004- am sad to say.. The first time something is lost or W10 reboots my system in middle of something or installs something I do not want I am going to have chit fits and want to bust it all up.. I always did updates when seen the icon and after I am done with what was doing- vid drivers and such I never upgraded unless a new game would not work right- and newer drivers always broke something- like my recording programs or some older game I played.. Now W10 and MS does what it wants and is not right IMO.. W10 like Vista trying to force us to buy all new hardware- but unlike then- now most hardware might might not work.. It looks better and flashy lights etc but quality has gone down since Sandy and they sold us junk knowing it had to be recalled- each mobo since has gotten worse and worse- and the cpu's are not even soldered anymore.. I guess these companies are making a few extra dollars off of the rma shipping they charge us- and surely they are helping out the mem makers by forcing us to buy 4 stick kits on the lists because if not it might not work- a shameful industry if ask me.. Had I known things would go like is I would have picked another hobby- or just chase girls and drink or something.. Maybe AMD will make Intel and Nvidia stuff do better- no hope for MS I dont think..

12-06-2016, 10:40 PM
So sorry to hear about the fire destroying your stuff but at least you're here with us. :)

You my friend are quite the gamer and I thought I had alot of games jeeesh, I been seeing not so good reviews on mafia 3 you might want to look into that before getting it.

I would like to check out some of your youtube game videos sometime. I never recorded my gameplay until I got Xsplit Gamecaster with the ROG Strix 1070 and I think it's cool. You are right the game must support Ansel to use it and as of right now I don't think there are too many that support it.

I'm like you I prefer quality settings then if there is still some headroom add a little AA. You may not hit 144 FPS in all games but you'll easily be over 60 FPS. I'm looking forward to hearing how you like your new pc and how it performs. :)

12-06-2016, 11:56 PM

Fedx changed my delivery to Thur :( maybe will come tomorrow.. Been waiting months and months and my sweet 27'' monitor has been sitting here looking at me for like 5 months now- never turned on- this lap top cant push it.. All else my Klipsch on I have got since my birthday in Oct and as seen a few nice sales- bought some furniture too.. I moved here to Wisconsin last year with a very few things.. I will get there.. I do not worry about what I do not have or about them with more- I worked and or save for what I want and when I can get it and happy with what I have and what the gods do or not bless me with.. I know the gods bless some more than others and they are gods for a good reason :)

Stuff parts have been looking at me for months- another day or 2 it all starts to come together.. If nothing is broken out of the box it will be Good.. I might die here in my chair a game running in the future- is fine with me- I do not plan to live forever lol.. I am no boy and been with way more than my share of women and was married 2x and have grown kids- my oldest my girl is 32.. Gaming is what I like to do and I will :)

12-07-2016, 12:04 AM
All right !

Finally only 2 more days, I'm just as excited as you are. When you get it together post us some videos of your awesome gameplay. :)

12-07-2016, 01:57 AM
My youtube channel


I kind of stopped uploading vids- they get no views anymore- only them that partner and run ads get views :(

Youtube use to a have a just uploaded vid section- my vids would get 100s of views before they all uploaded- they dropped that and seems only them that partner get his vids bumped to front of the list and get views.. Took away a lot of the fun of getting views and comments etc.

I will in the future upload more- maybe a few from each game I play or have- was going to upload more when got around to it but lost all I had..

12-07-2016, 02:32 AM
You can post all the videos you want in the gaming section of the forum.

Thank you for your youtube link I'm going to check some of them out. :)

How is Dead Space 3 compared to the first two? I have the first two but didn't get 3.

12-07-2016, 03:10 AM
I liked all of the Dead Space games- not your typical shooter- odd weapons and enemies or monsters come at you in odd ball ways and how you have to kill them..

3 was cool- its been a few years since I played it- some of the upgrade stuff was a lil confusing or at first- I plan to get the dlc someday- its just I have so many games and was waiting for it to get cheap.. Normally and surely games I play a lot I buy all added content and will for all my games over time.. I wish it was more open world and or rpg elements.. The rpg combo fps games are my fav- like Fallout 3- NV- Stalker- Borderlands- Dying Light- FarCry 2-3- Bioshock etc etc- some lean more 1 way or the other but are same genre .. Wish more games was more open and stuff to find and do and kind of never ending if not want it too versus linear- pushing you to the end and a short game.. But I can have fun with girl friends playing UT04 or Killing Floor or L4D 1-2- Nazi Zombie Army games etc etc too..

Most fun I think I had playing was with a lady friend of mine we playing Saints Row The Third- we would quest but got more into DM each other- using the whole game world as our map and use all in it- all weapons vehicles and even bots against each other.. I could be up on a building 2 blocks away and see her with my snipe and shoot a bot near her and they would attack her- I am safe where I am.. Man it was big fun and if she was not working she was playing with me sometimes 15 hours a day.. She played with a xbox pc controller- she could fly better than me and kick my butt in hand to hand- but weapons etc id eat her up- my pc and connection was faster too lol.. I just had to dodge her during melee or she would take me out fast- and then she would run off and not help me up-- she was a trip and so much fun.. Fine too- a Rican girl from Alabama- we on headsets- she playing her music- big fun.. I could play srtt alone day and night just hunting for Ginky- he was so funny and would mess ya up if not careful.. I give all my characters his her own personality and back ground-- my girl friends are not playing against or talking to me in game they are talking to my characters- it was so funny lol.. Referring to me as the third person and chit- it was a hoot..

I normally play alone but will play some games with 1 other- I got away from mp games because of all the hack cheaters in UT04.. Many games you can set them up so only 1 invited friend can join you- some games have only 2 player co op too.. Some girls or people are a pain to play with- they run off and cant watch each others back or they not let you hunt for goodies etc- its like they want to speed play and get to the end or next map as soon as possible or something- well the games I like most have lots of stuff to search and or find if look.. I do/ did have a group of guys that was like Killing Floor pros a few was girls and would help me get achievements or let me admin their servers etc.. They all have 100% achievements- but if more than 2 its hard for people to play as a team and can be aggravating.. I avoid mp games like cod and bf- tho I love nazi zombies and have many of the games but I mainly play the sp game.. Most all my friend lists anyplace is maybe 98% girls lol :P :) I have also deleted many friend lists and 1000s and 1000s of people over the years.. Have 1000s and 1000s on block lists too..

Oh ya- I plan to get Battle Field 1- looks awesome and I love WW2..

12-07-2016, 03:30 AM
Yeah I'm a big fan of the Far Cry games, I have 2,3 and 4. I didn't get Far Cry Primal, some say it's good others say it wasn't so good. A game I'm looking forward to is one that uses the Cryengine 5 game engine, I have Crysis 3 which uses the Cryengine 3 game engine and looks very good. The Cryengine 5 has caught my interest and as of now I only see 3 games that use it and it looks like Prey coming in 2017 might be a good one. I would imagine it will put a high end pc to the test too.



12-07-2016, 04:02 AM
I have all of the Crysis games and loved 2 and 3 all maxed settings- Cry1 was so bug I could never finish it.. I dont know about prey 2- I loved the first game and 2 is nothing like it and seen some vids its not so pretty I dont think- and trash cans turn into monsters etc- but is pre game too- might be better when comes out but is 1 I will wait and get cheaper later..

I am sick or pre orders and getting burned- same for early access games and some never even finish them and got my money.. pre game videos looks so cool and then when come out are lower graphics and chit and or buggy as hell- might fix might not- most any game that is a port is going to be suck on PC is a given fact- IMO same goes for made for AMD games.. I would love to own some xbox players tho- them trying to match me and no aim assist- but maps will be smaller and uglier and less players too- thats what have to do so console can run the games- the new xbox might be a lil better than 1 tho.. PC gaming and hardware is so large- its a shame its not treated better- soon Steam will have as many players as both ps and xbox together- no respect for pc gamers tho..

Fallout 4 is the game I last wanted to pre order- but had my fire etc not long before- and from reading its just so so- But I love the fallout games or later ones anyway.. Oh oh- the Unreal4 engine and games are nice too- built in NV physx and dx 10-11-12 and such.. I will have fun with Gear of War 4- never played the others tho.. Glad I skipped the first watch dogs game- maybe 2 will be ok and I have both- not Steam games but should be nice Woot.. Oh ya someday I need get GTA5- have all the others but only maybe 4 hours play between them- maybe I will like 5.. Guess should give them more a chance but again I have so many..

12-07-2016, 04:34 AM
Yeah I know what you're saying, some game trailers look really good but when you play the game it's not as exciting as it looked. I have crysis 1,2 and 3 and crysis 1 played well for me I was able to complete the game a bunch of times lol, I played the heck out of it when it was released back in 2007.

Gears of war 4 looks pretty good, I have the first gears of war and it was good but it's a dated game now, I might have to put GOW4 on my list for Santa.

And I agree some games are poorly ported for pc and you can't tell that from a game trailer.

Aim assist is for people that use controllers and supposedly evens it up for people that use a mouse and keybaord. The way I see it if you use a controller you should be playing on a console and let the pc players play on pc with a mouse and keyboard. If you want to use a controller fine but they shouldn't be allowed aim assist, if you get owned with a controller too bad, go get a mouse and keyboard. :)

12-07-2016, 04:54 AM
O jeez, another old fart! Seems we are taking over! LOL.
Your kids are older than mine but I got a late start. 38 when my first was born and she is 17 Now and my Son is 15. When they were little I used to get the "Oh you have such cute grandkids"......NOPE THEY ARE MINE!! Some ask me why I waited so long. Well the right woman took quite some time and she was waiting too. Just 5 years younger than me. I wouldnt do it any differently if I had it to do over. I got all the wild a$$ out of my system and was financially stable, their college was paid for before they were even born. I see so many struggle with having kids at a younger age. About the time mine are grown and gone, or at least in college its going to be time for me to retire.

Been in your shoes before, it will get better. Worked my way up only to get knocked back down by bad luck and a voodoo woman named Phyllis. She cleaned me out and we never even got married, just shacked up for 3 years.

On the bright side Wisconsin in the winter is overclocking heaven. Just open a window and set your rig outside, free chiller!

12-07-2016, 04:58 AM
Took my Hero out of its box today to look it over- just looking through the window can see the chipset cooler is scuffed up- is sad but I am not going to return it for that- the board looks new other than that- I have read other say same thing about the chipset cooler.. I was first going to get the ranger but has such poor user reviews and might might not work- was thinking z170 pro but only has 2x usb2 on back and cost more than ranger- it has Intel sata 3.1 and alc1150 audio tho and good ratings for the most part.. Got my Whetstone for 198.99 but 5 days later is same price and a free Asus mouse- lol pissed me off-- But newegg gave me a 20 dollar credit so not bad.. At first was not sure what the lil screws was for- then remembered the m2 slot.. I have not opened the cpu cage yet- I hope the pins are fine- actually my cooler is coming with my psu- so I have had no reason to mess with the cpu-- it has its lil black cover on it-- not sure if I will use the lil install tool or not- its not like I have never installed a cpu and I dont like that its left on.. I will never have to remove the cpu not unless the mobo breaks.. And I have always used 3rd party coolers.. My i7 6700k was 299.99 and 2 free games- all from negg is no tax and free ship and I have premier.. I wish was a micro center near they had them for 258.00 but 28 dollars tax so near same cost really.. Got my G1 gaming from B&H for 599.99 and GoW4 free ship no tax.. My samsung 850 was 129.99 from negg free and W dogs 2.. I got some fair deals and a wrist trap with my noctua cooler on the way.. Might get some other good deals before all over with- will be a few months before I have everything.. I got the D15 for extra memory clearance and future proofing.. I love big air coolers- am afraid of wet cooling..

I read a lot and never in my life bought anything and not sure if will work or not- ya sure most things you get a few bad but today and these mobos its more like you only get a few good- and over a year old and can read of all the problems- am so worried- but can return it to newegg if needed- get another- if thats bad will change brands.. I have higher hopes for this whetstone ver tho-- fewer reviews but 99% good versus the normal Hero- will see..

I think I might should have got a evga vid card- think its step trade up is 90 days- the 1080 TI should be out by then- but read of coil whine and or over heating and stuff- most of my past cards have all been evga- my last and lost to fire was my gtx 670ftw +4gb.. But the G1 gaming is an awesome card and great price- said its software is iffy tho- but I should be ok.. Will finish downloading my drivers tonight morrow.. Be nice to get off of this old 15'' lap top.. I hope this system lasts 4- 5 years but will upgrade vid card between then..*

I was going to buy a W10 key off line but read can be probs- so am going to buy a disc or usb version from a rep store- going to get retail and being W10 is said the last os- this will not be my last computer- guess could go oem tho 1/2 price and buy another for my next build and should cost less-- I want pro tho can get from walmart what ever for like 129.00 dollars- will be Jan tho- that and case and few extra fans- storage drive and few other things in Feb.. I will be ok..

I can talk about this stuff all day - love it :)

12-07-2016, 05:13 AM
HI JustinThyme,

Man I hate every post have the captcha thingy.. NATE TALKING ME TO DEATH- LOL- JUST PLAYING- I ENJOY THE CONVERSATION :P :)

LOL ay man- I am 54- look younger and can pick em up 18 on up all day long if want and the thought of more kids sounds good too-- Hell I might be 110 with a fine 30 year old babe with one in the oven.. Just I have had nothing but those said voodoo women and gave em up.. I will never be an Alternative Life Style type- and will never say never another girl- but I always loved kids and the fairy tales and poems and books and movies oF love family and happiness and forever after bla bla bla lol.. I stay in and do not hunt them like use too.. Now if I think a good one and pretty wants to and finds me- I will only tell her no to tease with her and make her want me more LOL..

I come from bad family and on my own since 12- so love and family always meant a lot to me- sadly it did not mean as much to the girls I was always with.. I was good to them- never abuse them or my kids etc- never a drunk etc and always worked hard and made good money- was never good enough tho and ended up hurt- last wife was 1 heart break to many and not touched another since.. I have more of my own stuff alone is for dang sure :)

A fact of life- Women get old- Men Mature.. My dream girl- a hot gamer Babe and does not like much of this world other than me and gaming-- side by side or back to back desks and killer systems- She can work and I a soccer dad- but unlike most house wives I have steady income every month and if marry and have kids I they will get more money- oh Hell Ya..

Is pretty here and the girls have cute accents- got 3 inches of snow 2 days ago-- moved here a year ago From the Richmond Va area..

I wish ya luck Brother and more babies tooooo :)

12-07-2016, 06:05 AM
I can honestly say every motherboard and gpu I got from Asus has worked and they all work to this day.

Motherboards - Maximus V Extreme, Z77 v-pro, Maximus VIII Formula and all still work.

GPU's - ROG RX 460, ROG Matrix Platinum 980 Ti, ROG Strix 1070 and all still work.

My Maximus VIII Formula came with the cpu installation tool but I didn't use it, in fact I didn't even know what it was. I never had any problems installing a cpu just place it in the socket gently and close the lid.

I wouldn't be worried about your motherboard not working, I have confidence all is going to go well. :)

12-07-2016, 06:37 AM
Ya I hope the best- and is not just Asus- all brands seem to have lots of probs and not just Mobos.. I think I picked out good stuff and the mem is on the list or older list anyway..

I have been reading some W10 performance tweak guides and or videos.. 1 guy does lots of vids and tech stuff- his looks good.. 1 guy deleted to much stuff pre fetch what ever and read in comments peoples Steam stopped working- oh noooooooooo...

But the first guys is pretty basic for a gamer or performance junkie.. Turn off a lot of stuff and spying or send info crap- most stuff I am use to as a gamer and tweak for every lil extra bit of performance.. I do not put my pc to sleep and will turn off let my drive sleep etc- I will let my monitor turn off after 10 or 20 minutes but I normally let my computers run 24/7- less over all probs other than power out or something.. HDD spinners- fans gpus etc normally go out or start making noise during cold starts- is rare or for me to see a fan die running 24/7- power off or power out a few days and restart might not run and that power surge when first boot.. I think most probs I have ever read about stuff breaking is during a cold start..

After I build it and all drivers etc installed I will stress the hell out of it for nearly 24 hours at 100% cpu and its most heat- its the hardest it will ever run in real life and can take that it should maybe run forever- me hopes so.. After that I will try to over clock it a lil and test it some more- I bought all this sweet stuff ya need a lil over clock- the vid card tooo.. I do guess I want the AI suite 3.. Have to learn my way around the bios and keep an eye on voltages etc.. After that its GAME ON BUDDY :) I can get on line and post etc while stressing it- post some screens while doing so.. Want to stress the hell out of it if breaks can send it back to negg etc for new stuff.. My fingers are crossed and I picked good stuff.. I should be ok..

Now that I am thinking of it and will be in this post to remind me laters.. I need research and find a good cheap router- wifi is not a big deal but yes guess I want it so can get my laptop on line or stream netflix to a smart tv etc.. Will get the tv next Holidays.. I prefer wired everything- its faster and less probs and no micro stutter- more secure etc etc etc- but wifi etc has its place sometimes- or a friend come over with a smart phone or something.. My net provider will rent me 1 for 5 dollars a month [60 bucks a year]- heck with that I should be able to buy 1 cheaper and its mine.. Think 4 Ethernet cable ports and does not need have the best range on earth- I have a small apartment and my desk and gaming system in living room near the later tv etc- bed room on other side of wall.. My gaming and music listening would be to loud for the bedroom- and is part why am getting a head set- that and can chat with my lady friends when gaming or skype what ever :)

12-07-2016, 06:52 AM
The only performance tweak I do for windows is to "Adjust for best performance" , GPU Tweak II has Gaming Booster where it turns off some windows processes and defrags your ram.

I used AI Suite for about a week when I got my maximus v extreme back in 2013 then I uninstalled it and never used it again. Right now I would recommend not installing AI Suite as there is some kind of conflict with the Newer nvidia driver library, they are working on it and I'm not sure if it's fixed yet. Some people use AI Suite with no problems and others report problems. The main reason I don't use AI Suite is because of the cpu temp monitoring, it shows the cpu socket temp rather than the core temps and when you have it and a core temp monitoring program running they can conflict with each other and give inaccurate readings.

12-07-2016, 08:05 AM

I am not the best or good at all with manual over clocking and is lots of work and testing.. I wish I could use it and see what it gives me and see its settings and use that as a base- write it down or photos then delete it and set like the program did and test it etc..

That gpu program thingy might be ok but I was going to use the with gigabyte card software and have to install it to change led colors etc anyway.. Am not trying to push either as far as they go- but read the gpu will over clock its self a lil near 2000- just installing the software I guess and would be happy with that- a lil boost over the stock clocks.. Is said a heck of a card.. Some say the software is iffy and the lighting controls etc.. But part of the extra money I spent was to over clock it some and the said programs that come with and said should do it and is part of the sales pitch to make us buy.. Ya I hope they fix it.. MS forcing us on skylake or later so these skylake parts makers need make it work like it should and for the extra we pay..

Looking in the mobo manual W8.1 is latest os the board was made for.. I will admit tho- I think W10 is tons of probs and a pain in the azz and is communist bullchit.. I almost went Haswell and can use my W7- but skylake is just a lil more money and said latest and greatest bla bla- gees lol.. I was/ am afraid and they can do it back door- start messing up the os or hardware and force people to buy new hardware and or W10- they are scum bags and I put nothing past them.. If not for gaming I can not care less about a computer or phone or much else.. I can get cable and watch tv instead of net and netflix etc- and happy with a basic phone or cell like have.. I do not need facebook yahoo mail or even Steam if not so many games and what I like to do.. I have spent lots of money the last 12 years on computers and games and ms is messing it all up and is sickening.. W10 said so great- ya right LOL.. I would put W7 on here but want dx12- and read ms and skylake might not support w7 [hint we are going to mess it you up when we feel like it]- man I hate them..

I am in no hurry to over clock- but had hoped to use the advertised 5 way optimizations and was in part what made me want to buy or this mobo and extra cost cooler etc etc.. The memory is advertised as can auto over clock to 2666 and same timings and voltages- ha ha maybe its all fake :)

I do more tweaks to my os always have- but nothing crazy that might break it. and because I am normally recording- before start gaming will clear browser cache and maybe clean disc and reboot- turn off all extra programs in back ground other than whats needed or start menu.. Programs I install all I can I tell them not to start with windows.. I turn off all security other than firewall- I do not use a firewall on say a router.. I do lil or no surfing when in game and game full screen so its not like I am multi tasking other than recording or using my headset.. All gives a lil extra performance and a few fps and can make for the lil extra for smooth game play while recording.. I keep windows updated and run security scans often- would defrag every month or 2- not needed with ssd- kept my system tip top..

I will read and watch more vids- but think will make a lot of the changes in this vid- and I have never used W10 it will help me learn my way in it a lil bit.. I kind of figure I might have to install the os a few times- I hope not but might need install drivers in a different order or what ever so everything is happy.. I dont know- this is not a pre boxed system or lap top just turn on and give it a name and code and it all just work-- I wish but am not counting on it- maybe will get lucky and it all more easy than can imagine- will see-->


12-07-2016, 11:43 AM
Windows 7 works with skylake, I installed windows 7 then did the free upgrade to windows 10, I then installed classic shell to make windows 10 look and feel more like windows 7. ;)

DDR4 ram overclocks nice and is safe at 1.50v, I see you easily getting your ram to 2666MHz. My kingston hyperX predator is half of a 32GB kit, it's 2400MHz with 16-16-16-39 timings. Right now I have it running at 3034MHz with 15-15-15-35 timings.

Here's a video where BF1 actually performs worse with directx 12, it could be just that particular game though. What also increases performance is Vulkan and the new Doom game supports it.

Keep an eye on the FPS at the top middle of the screen.


12-07-2016, 01:03 PM
I love that game, I have it on win10 with DX12 running , huge difference

12-07-2016, 07:15 PM
I posted this on both corsair and asus site and no one helped me- is why I picked the 2 stick kingston set of mem I did.. I wanted to think this corsair 2 stick kit was same sticks ics etc as the 32 gb kit only 1/2 split kit- 2 instead of 4 and should have worked imo.. Asus is the one that has only tested and add to list 4 stick kits and again is like they are pushing 4 stick kits- most gamers use only 2 and for good reasons and on x99 or 2011 systems many will use only 2 sticks for dual channel.. Now a work station or for say cad or something they might go for 3 or 4 channel and higher cl because higher cl is not as fast but has more bandwidth- a gaming system and workstation is not same..

Also I have read asus and other will not update codes list for xmp on memory ddr4 memory that has been out and runs on x99 and 2011 and should be a simple enough thing to do if allocate people and time and actually do it and we the buyers would have much less problems trying to find buy memory that will work- after all ddr4 is ddr4 memory and the stuff should all work and xmp bla bla.. But asus and others are maybe lazy and or want things hard on us and they only want us to buy what they specifically have on its limited list and 99% of all of those are 4 stick kits..

I wanted to avoid probs and picked the only 2 stick kit on all of asus hero list that had the lowest cl this cl14 kit.. you can buy ddr4 with cl10- 11-12-13-14-15-16 etc but is not on the list and can be nothing but problems.. I know from 1156 on over clocked memory nets not much in benches etc but lower cl like say cl10 nets more than cl15 or in a gaming rig.. Also T1 nets upwards of 1000 points more in benches versus T2- thing is amd cant do T2 and a lot of Intel mobos default to T2 and you have to check and set it to T1 if so.. A gaming systems like lower cl and T1- work stations etc like higher cl and T2.. The mobo makers are making this harder for us that want to buy and easy on only them selves by not testing and or just simply updating the xmp code lists for memory that has been out for a few years now.. Some can argue lower cl or t1 t2 is lil differences but the fact is it is differences and for a gamer and for speed etc every lil bit helps and is the point exactly.. ROG is a gaming mobo not a work station mobo and most gamers can not care less about 64 gb and or 4 stick kits so why is 99% on the list 4 stick kits- is asus getting a kick back from who ever mem company that is selling tons and tons of 4 stick kits ? Some of us wonder such things..

This is what I posted on asus and corsair trying to fig out if this is a split 4 stick 32 gb kit-- the parts numbers are near same- only 1 is 16 and the other 32.. I cant afford to spend extra money on a 4 stick kit and will only use 2 sticks.. No one tried to help at all- lol.. Its like ignore him he will buy the 32 gig kit and use only half of it-- no what happen is corsair lost a sale and asus almost did too..

Sadly for me and a few months back was looking at the corsairs and lower cl- the kingston kit was 64 dollars and when I bought last week was 118-- the corsairs back a few months ago was 57 dollars and like 80- 90 now or was-- memory has near doubled in price but the corsairs in general cost less but is not on the mobo mem list.. I have already bought the kingston kit so none of this much matters now- but was a question I tried to ask and wanted to buy the Corsairs->>

''Hi, I am ready to buy a 6700k and Asus Ranger mobo and trying to pick memory for it.. I read these 1151 mobos are very picky.. I have looked at the Ranger QVL list and 9 out of 10 kits are all 4 stick kits.. I want a 2 stick 16 GB kit and CL13 if can help it..

Looking at the model lettering of that 16gb 2 stick mem kit [below] from New Egg its near same lettering as the 32gb kit- so I hope think it should work.. Other than maybe color are these sticks of the 16 kit the same as them in the 32 kit only broke in half.. I hope so and I think XMP should pick it up and do just fine.. Am I wrong? I am a pc gamer and normally use only 2 sticks and is all I wish to install- CPU cooler clearances is a big reason and best I have always known 2 sticks are better faster than 4..

Thank you in advance for your help..

From new egg and what I hope to buy->


From the Asus Ranger QVL list-->


I do not know why but every time I post this *** shows up different places in my post and I have to go back and edit it out-- its some bug in this forum gui or something and is aggravating me lol.. Also Nate- I know none of this is your fault and you are just a nice forum mod.. I am not really *****ing and complaining- its just conversation and something for me to talk about or things I notice of late.. Things I wish was different and I hope my system works and runs well.. I have waited and saved a long time and spending a lot- so ya I guess I worry a lil.. I cant hardly wait to play my games again and have many I have never played and will buy more and have more hardware to buy to.. Need a web cam- extra storage- keyboard and mouse- router- normal cam maybe a Nikon COOLPIX B500- smart tv- all in 1 copy scanner printer all can be used and ran from my PC.. Want to record my games- lol I only have like 2mbs left on steam to upload screen shots or unless have gave me more space since I stopped playing- have like 6000 screens on Steam and 10s of 1000s on photo hosting sites.. Have vids on other sites other than youtube to..

12-08-2016, 12:17 PM
I just woke at 6am- got a cup of hot coffee- today is my day- I can get my baby running- WOOT :)

With luck my stuff will come early- can get it together and stress it for a number of hours and this eve/ night maybe fire up a game.. Gears of War 4 sounds good- Dx12 and all :)*

12-08-2016, 01:02 PM
You made the right choice by going with the Kingston ram.

All right build time, an exciting day for sure !

Let us know how it's going and if you have any questions along the way just ask. :)

12-09-2016, 11:45 PM
My pc is running good.. I had some probs getting it going but was not the boards fault.. Am a lil sad the sound drivers are very limited but they work- its just basic rog- does not even have a 2.1 speaker setting just stereo- no eq none of that stuff- windows installed it.. My w10 pro is the Anniversary ed 1607.. I installed the vid drivers before ever let it go on line- after chipset etc. I need install the added gigabyte soft ware and asus lighting so can change the lighting on both the board and card..

The drivers was very confusing- unzip and has a lot of crap and extra installers like chipset and lan- in folder is multi folders or exe' for named package and asus exe is in it too- man its nuts but I got it.. Device Manager shows all is good.. Um had trouble at first updating bios with ez flash 3- no place is it written you should unzip it first- so I did that on my lap top and put it on my usb drive it went smooth after that.. W10 does not play well with passwords etc- trying to log into accounts and my Steam.. Took me hours and hours to figure out where it was and how to install and play Gears of War 4 but found it in apps what 84 gigs took like 4 hours to download it- but it runs great all maxed and ultra woot.. I can not do screens from the game not unless use a 3rd party program.. Am installing my Dying Light game on Steam now to play the buggy dlc and can do screens for it- I will post a few.. Downloaded Borderlands 2 to on Steam so can get my 1000 hours..

I still have some programs and stuff to install- first check on line and make sure works with w10 and need some stress testing but it games nice- fans do not run up much and all looks good in bios.. I made sure in w10 to turn off all sleep stuff and set power state minimum to 100 it will run at 4.2 all the time- but this d15 cooler is so nice the fans run low at bios default settings- I have both fans on y slitter and in the 1 cpu fan header.. I learned that in windows power state trick long ago- and keeps the monitor from dimming or flickering- and hurts nothing.. If oc you turn off power saving stuff in bios any way.. At first I could not get my Samsung ssd to work- I changed all wires and plugged into a diff sata connector on psu the bios seen it then.. Could not get on net at first either but reset my modem the board seen it- I had been on line with my lap top and unplugged my lappy and plugged into my hero no go- maybe the modem did not like it- reset the router unplugged it let sit off 30 seconds and back on the hero was on line..

I can see w10 is going to be some probs- hopefully all the games I like and play will work on it- in time I will learn more of w10 and might even like it.. I love my games for sure.. My system is running good- games like a champ- wish the sound manager thingy was better- paid all the extra mostly for the said great sound and said it before.. I hope its fixed down the road.. Maybe next week some time or after put it in a case I will try to over clock it some- maybe you guys can help me with it.. Well I am going to fire up Dying Light- and get a few screens- I will upload a few here in this thread- not many.. DL is a pretty game- fun as all get out to- the new dlc a new map and buggy's and new gear- oh hell ya-- GoW4 is pretty sweet- need my good key board and mouse and need a drill to fix the mobo tray on my desk so k-b mouse sits lower versus playing on top the desk- will be more comfy and for long game play but I will survive :)

I hope you folks have great Holidays-- I am :)

12-10-2016, 12:11 AM
Your motherboard has ROG SupremeFX 2015 which is the same for my maximus viii formula, I installed the realtek audio driver from the motherboard disk and it installs Sonic Studio II which has an eq, smart eq and bass boost. It sounds really good with a combination of those 3.

In supremefx you can select stereo, 5.1, 7.1

Click the pic to make it bigger.


12-11-2016, 09:04 PM
Finished Gears of War 4 this morn- about 11 hours- its short but was fun and pretty.. Ran perfect- no problems.. I would wait until its cheap- its not worth 60 dollars for 9 to 11 hours play IMO- a GOTY for 20 dollars or less might be.. The game does have mp modes so that makes it worth more to others- maybe :)

I will be happy when add W10 key and can get rid of water mark- Jan..

A few screens-->

These guys was fun-->


My girl friend lol-->




12-11-2016, 10:56 PM
Awesome !

Thank you for the screenshots and great to hear you're liking your new pc and all is working ok. :)

12-29-2016, 06:42 AM
Its been a few weeks of use now and no problems yet- no blue screens of death nothing.. Plays all my games at max settings and a few days ago I bought the newest Mad Max game [had to buy it with discount was like 4.49 from bun stars]- mostly been playing Killing Floor 2 trying to get Achievements- but have played some Borderlands 2 and Saints Row The Third and Dying Light and about 18 other small games in back ground [windowed] while I watch netflix or something and just to collect the Steam Trading Cards.. Other than basic windows sound drivers and no EQ etc and no AI Suite it all seems to work and tho I have not tested every usb and sata port or m2 slot or pcie slot I guess they work- but I do not have hardware to plug into them to test it either.. Also I am not using the Gigabyte Extreme software for my vid card its buggy and don't work right from all I read either- so I have not tried to install it and cause problems- my vid card ramps up when I start gaming and like now the fans are completely off- I can also from time to time feel more air coming off my cpu cooler but never much hear it unless system start up and it slows back down.. I listen to my music hours and hours a day with my Jet Audio player- its the best for music play back imo- but I do wish I could make some extra tweaks from the built in audio but is impossible and the mobos have been out over a year kind of sucks..

My vid card cranks up or has the most playing Mad Max- but none of the software works right I have no way of monitoring temps or rpm-s etc.. I did install and update my ZDsoft screen recorder and have made videos and can see FPS in game- but seems to not want to work with Mad Max and is the case with it and even fraps before- neither works with all games and is how it is.. I could try Gforce Experience- and could have use xbox screen record while playing Gears of War4 but am not pressed on it and recording to my one drive and lack of space- I will worry more on recording when I have storage drives and better quality vids versus all done on my 1 :C drive..

I still have not Benched it or Stressed it yet.. 1 I prefer to wait until Jan when its in its case versus sitting on the box and heat it up and the weight of the hardware on the board maybe cause probs with caps or something that could loosen or push through the board. Not only that I read about gimp/ prime can hurt the cpus on Haswell and Skylake and Real Bench uses Gimp so I am afraid of it-- I might use Intel Extreme but again I want to get it in its case and normal operating parameters and temps and see test results then- and feel safer about it not laying on its back flat etc.. I think it will be ok and I guess I have avoided unnecessary problems by not installing the from Asus site sound and ai suite and giga extreme software and I avoided the faulty 307 bios Asus came out with a few days ago and pulled the same eve and I read caused people problems- and later pulled the new chipset drivers too.. I do feel it could be better if all software worked like it should and I would like to be able to turn off all the led's when I power off the system- but is the Holidays I do not mind the Christmas light show lol.. After in case and I stress bench it I would like to OC it some- but is many write ups and I think I might be able to get 4.6 out of my 6700k and my mem to 2666 with a lil luck and should do it just fine I think- get a lil OC on my Vid Card- I should be good to go and Happy and is why I bought all I have..

I just ordered yesterday a keyboard and mouse and a drill so I can fix my mobo tray- playing on top of my desk is hurting my mouse hand- be nice to use the tray.. Will be here in a few days.. Jan will get My Core V71 case and some extra fans to change out and a headset- will wait until Feb. to get my OS or maybe- I might be able to do it in Jan- but in Feb. thinking will get another larger ssd- 500GB is not large enough for my games- not that I need them all installed but is more id like to install and have a few 100GB free space so the drives not slow down like I read SSD' can if filled or near so..

** Oh ya I will get this GPU support in Jan- its only like 15.00 dollars but will be good for the large heavy vid card and stop sag or maybe damage of the pcie3x slot on the mobo- It looks like a nice 1 and can support SLI if I ever wanted.. Surely will get the Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 headset- have some lady friends that want to play games etc- and playing late in the night I do not wish to bother people :) ->

MasterAccessory Universal VGA Holder (MCA-0005-KUH00)


*** This is on the way- I hope I like and the mouse lasts- if not later will buy another Logitech MX 518->

Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard (K72357USA)

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse with High Speed Fusion Engine (910-004069)

Black & Decker DR260C 5.2-Amp Drill/Driver, 3/8-Inch

**** This is the SSD I want to order- its only 3 year warranty and only 960GB and its not 3nan like the Samsung but its actually faster than the Samsung so it will be OS drive- its pretty cheap 230.00 or so dollars versus over 300.00 for a Samsung 1 tara drive- it was 207 dollars a few days ago.. It does not come with clone software but I think I can get free Acronis or something- might just do a fresh install when get OS- It only takes a few minutes from my usb drive and just add the code from the new os package- Think I will get an OEM ver of W10 Pro from Walmart or something- its about 130.00 dollars- so I want all the main gear installed in my case before add the key.. Maybe March will get an Epson all in 1 copy printer and WD 1 tara Black [don't think I want it in system running all the time so will get a doc and back up and or store to it often]- Later get a web cam- maybe the blue ray burner and some blank media disc' it will be complete- can buy a few games like Fallout4 etc.. Good to Go--->

These drives get good reviews and I was surprised to see the speeds are faster than the Samsung 850 Evo I am using-->

Toshiba OCZ Trion 150 960GB 2.5" 7mm SATA III Internal Solid State Drive TRN150-25SA3-960G

I hope you all have been well and Santa was good to you and hope you all have a great and fun New Year.. So far I am pretty happy and nothing has broken yet and I hope never does- Woot :)

12-29-2016, 08:34 AM
I read and seen photos.. Thermaltake is coming out with its Cover Ed. of the V71 and a few others.. I like it- I would remove the cover and all the drive bays and being will use 2x ssd' they will go on back the mobo tray.. I notice the cover ed seems to not have the side brace support the older model has but maybe the psu cover serves that purpose and read with out the brace the case can flex if lots of stuff inside and if have to pick it up and move it.. But I mostly like the fact all the drive bays are all black versus the black and blue on the older.. I had planed on removing all the drive bays and or if did use like 2 of them maybe take a black marker to the blue stuff.. I can imagine the older cost less so I think I will stay with it- but wonder if hardware on the cover ed like fan controller is better than older one- I may never know until out for a while and user reviews.. I just in my I mind think the all black cover ed looks better- but I not caring to use the drive bays or cover its no need in me paying more for it..

I go all air but I normally mod my cases for better and or unrestricted air flow other than filters- I normally cut out the vent areas for intake and exhaust out the back and less noise too- when fans are in place it adds the strength back to cut outs.. I lost my drummel type tool and jig saw in the fire- so no cutting or now- lol.. I have been thinking early on about the fans.. Blue is my fav color and my last mobo was blue black etc and blue led fans- but ROG is red black- and I worry about fan quality and am real big on buying and have on hand back up stuff encase something breaks.. So I had planed to replace the lower front fan with a red cm mega flow 200mm fan and turn off the led's from the case controller and just let the lower red one be seen and have the extra blue 1 as a back up.. Figured I can run the added fans on molex versus the mobo and being I read again the fan software built in does not maybe work right- and or is said the case controller is no good for fans other than came with it- but would run the with case fans on low and use it controller to bump em up to high when gaming.. Thinking more and was going to replace the one for back exhaust and place 2x noctua fans in bottom with 6 year warranties and no more than 19dbl-am thinking I will put 2x 120mm noctuas in the top and have 2x 200mm back ups and being my cpu cooler etc is so large it will be hard to replace broken fans and the with case fans might not last so long- I will save myself probs down the road or hope so.. The noctua fans are ugly but are great fans and I should have plenty of air-- the red led 200mm cm fan the noctua fans might glow a lil and not look so bad.. I really do not care- it will be cool and last and my wires will be neat and have a nice gpu support.. I have fan guards for the bottom intakes and the gpu brace has magnetic feet but I think will add some 3m 2 sided tape and stand it on top 1 of the fans and will be ok- could add a lil tape where it supports the gpu to be sure it not fall over- it should not unless I move the case around and could always first remove it but I like feeling safe.. I think it will be nice :)

I think for the added out fans I might use the lna connector- and 2 bottom intakes let them run full blast- with the 2x 200mm in front should have good cool air positive pressure and not a lot of noise.. I am not sure the fans have a 3/4 pin to molex tho- I need research it and buy adapters if needed [maybe the non pwm fans have the adapter].. It is kind of sad I can not trust the mobo to do what its advertised to do.. All of it should work right- period.. Guess I could go nzxt sent 3 fan controller in top 5.25 bay- but it only has 1 temp prob versus 2- id like 1 for ambient case and 1 for vid card- trade offs :(

12-29-2016, 09:50 AM
Oh ya I have a question..

I have my ssd in one of the Intel sata connections- can you tell me which 1 is actually sata 1 and 2.. They are stacked- is 1 the top or the bottom closest to the mobo ? I will put my odd drive on 1 of the asmedia sata connectors- same if put my wd black spinner in the system- but id rather just get a doc for it.. But the manual does not show or say for sure which is which-- they might have numbers on the side etc but is so small I might have missed it..

I had said before when first trying to set it up the bios etc would not see my ssd drive and I changed the wires- but now thinking back and had read it years ago- I might not have had the power wire connected properly the first time- it has 4 connectors- 1 end goes into the psu and then 1 closest to it the main or number 1 and then has an extension with 2 more- I had my drive plugged into farthest away and not number 1 and had read before it can cause probs and when put it back together made sure was in first connector-- might- might not have been the prob but guess it could have been-- a simple thing but is nothing I had not read before- odd maybe but it is working now for sure..


12-29-2016, 10:49 AM
Forgot I can play Watch Dogs 2- installing now- says 22 minutes- Woot :)

02-16-2017, 04:43 PM
Hey Nate, how have you been ?

I am chillin and enjoying my pc.. Been playing the heck out of Fallout 4- got it last month and have over 400 hours in it already and not bought the dlc' yet lol..

I took your advice and installed the sound from disc- it sounds great and I like the options and eq.. I set it for what I am doing game music movie etc but everything sounds better- listening to music now as a fact.. Partly why I installed it is I bought my os and the drivers w10 installed was not the same as the usb download I was using- both are millen build but the drivers on the disc not same- I install the os with out being connected to net so can install drivers etc with out w10 probs- after I install all wanted then I connect and let windows update etc.. I bought a new San Disk x400 1 tara drive for os and got the Amazon prime trial and my os oem pro was just 95 dollars- the drive was like $270. prices have gone up in last month but 95 for the os made it all ok.. Now if I can stop windows from updating my drivers when it wants I will be happy- I have been reading on it searching the net etc- a week ago they updated/ down graded my vid drivers and pissed me off and was having bad fx in my game so I deleted them and got the drivers from Nvidia and did a clean driver install- it all sounds and looks great- fo4 looks better too- even better than with drivers last out I was using- which am using the high def pack too but it was installed when I got the game and before it was said out or for some reason anyway.. Fo4 is a glitch game but I love it- I save a lot and good for me and have a brain- I saved the last save on to my usb drive before did fresh w10 install and sure enough steam or fo4 did not cloud save right- so I just put my save in right place and can play from where I was before new os install- lev 62- man id be pissed if lost all my progress- did not want to clone so did a fresh install etc..

Soon I will be ready to try and oc my system some- I installed the giga extreme for my vid card and used its built in profile and set to oc mode and gives a lil oc and am happy with it- some games do not like oc so I am fine with it and can set lighting etc how I want.. As for my mobo- I was playing with it a lil- I changed cr to T1 it froze- maybe just a glitch or need up voltage a lil-- I noticed in bios and from ez mode if I set to Asus oc mode it said gave me a .07% oc but actually dropped my mem speed from 2133 to 1866 so put back to normal- I think its bug bios so I will do it manually when ready- I have been reading a lot and will try for an easy 4.5ghz on the cpu and cl-13 2666 on my memory.. I found a good memory review of my Kingston fury' and will use its basics and adjust voltages a lil if needed- but I should be able to do cl-13 2666 @ about 1.3volts and should be able to do cr T1 also- unless bios just wants to be a pain in the butt- the review was using an Asus mobo so hopefully they are close to how they act and run.. Oh ya I installed ran real bench for an hour my temps was like 46 to 51 c so that's all good..

This is link review of my memory- I should be able to do nice things with it-->


So My system is near complete- in a few months will get a cam and printer etc but have the basics and my hyper cloud 2 headset already.. A lil oc will be good to go.. Got my main and a storage drive so can record my game play and I always take lots of screens- I will post some in the gaming section.. Thanks man for your help and thanks to the others for being nice people.. Soon I will buy the season pass for fo4 and buy the new doom game- it looks awesome and has mp- maybe some of my lady friends will wish to play :) I like being able to install a number of games on my tara drive and have plenty of free space- the x400 is as fast or faster than my Samsung and both have the 5 year warranties- woot.. Today will install the dashboard for both and trim the drives etc and make sure running top speeds.. I wish I had a cam so can take post some pics of my rig..