View Full Version : To asus - please develop fix for g73 freezing issue

01-03-2012, 06:23 PM
To Asus:

I think experience by myself and others with regards to G73 laptops freezing/crashing/etc when left at idle for periods of time, particularly given the success of using Throttlestop to solve these issues, has shown there is an issue with the CPU idling technology and/or how it is implemented on vendor motherboards.

Given how many people are affected, I think a fix is in order, either from Asus or Intel.

Using a third party piece of software to help stabilize a $1500 "high end" laptop is unacceptable.

I think the time for blaming drivers is over. You can review other posts by myself on this forum for more particulars if necessary.

I suspect, though, that both Intel and vendors are aware of this problem. Now please do something about it.


nuke, Asus Customer