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12-13-2016, 11:24 PM
So recently, I have noticed that my laptop is having some freezes and the only solution is to force shut down and restart. It always happened after 8 hours of use that day. What happens is I'd be playing, then get ready to shut it down by exiting the game, and each program starts to be unresponsive, this goes on and on until there's nothing I can do but force shut it down. I tried ctrl+shift+esc for task manager but I get greeted after another period of time with some error message. and nothing else, everything still frozen. At this point it's making me pull my hair out. Does it sound like software problem or hardware? Something to note, it looks like I've just lost internet connection too. Now I can confirm that on my desktop there was a disconnection as well, but can't say for sure if it occurred at the same time.

I can say however that every single time it lags and freezes the internet connection seems to be out. The way I can describe it is that I'll usually exit something (happened once on chrome when pages wouldn't load and tried to close the program), then it will lag and lag until nothing responds anymore. It looks like the windows explorer is the one that freezes and crashes or something, but I can't start task manager either. Sounds usually continue playing as normal in the back if I have any. And it's not regular either. It started to happen around a month or two ago or so. OH also, I get the "critical stop" windows sound every now and then since around this started to happen. I have really no clue what's going on

Anyone have any ideas?

12-15-2016, 08:42 AM
Hello blackguard
I'm not sure what is the cause of all this, but have you tried restoring your unit to factory default?
Thank you

12-15-2016, 06:22 PM
Do you have any anti-virus programs installed? Try Avast! Its free. So far my system has never crashed like that.

01-12-2017, 09:32 PM
Bill@ASSUS , you mean reinstalling windows?

Armesis - Yes, I do have Avast actually.

Im not too sure what went on this time. As it just did it 10 ago before posting this. I was in WoW and had a Youtube video open on one tab. I tried to make the volume higher from the bottom speakers thing and it was non responsive. I knew immediately that this is a freeze. It would't let me click on the connections button either. Could still click on other things in the show hidden icons thing. Decided to go and try to restart it, accidentally moved away and then the whole bottom bar was unresponsive, right click desktop to refresh, nothing.

It bugs me that I cannot pinpoint what is going on, I had this starting to happen since late September- Early October in 2016. It's not doing it consistently either. Once it's 3 weeks to a month until it happens, another times its around a week. At first I took it as Windows randomly deciding to be stupid, but I'm sure that something's wrong now. And It wouldn't bother me to restart it if I could. I hate force shutting down machines from buttons.

I do think that it may be a internet issue as well or somehow related to the network driver, but there's no new versions out for this machine. Also to mention. At one point I had to configure some settings on a internet thing and had to plug in the network cable in the laptop. Without fail, ever 20-30 mins I'd get a blue screen crash. But this was around 1 year plus ago. Apart from the built in driver checker for windows, is there any other option? It's my work station basically and I cannot waste 24 hours to let it push all the drivers to see which one folds under pressure.

01-12-2017, 09:44 PM

So here's something nifty, took a trip to the control panel to check on something randomly. Saw that icon with a sign, wanted to see what it was, clicked troubleshoot, gave that error. To note I was home at the countryside visiting before the freezes and we got a brand new printer. Could the drivers/programs cause this with it? SInce it seems to somehow be related to internet connections, would it be possible that its freezing because it's trying to find a update or whatever but it can't or something?

I'm just grasping at straws here at the moment :|

EDIT: well the device manager seems to show this as well61825

WElp went to asus site and got the USB drivers. Now the usb error in device manager dissipated. It looks like the other one is still there and after digging around for the name, that driver is for BLuetooth. This whole freeze thing is really odd. Asked a friend that's a tad more tech savvy on a voice chat and after describing to him the thing, he's pretty confident that it's a driver issue if sound for games, or music or whatever stays in the back still plays clearly. And there's no crash report either. As I have Bluescreenview to see the reports and errors when that happens. So I think it's windows taking a extended nap and not waking up. Will look into downloadin the bluetooth one as well and see if i get this thing once more.

What's odd that sometimes in the past, I'd have two bluetooth icons in the tray that did nothing, one said it was for battery I think.