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12-14-2016, 03:36 AM
Ran into this problem recently. After installing a new video card, Ai Suite III failed to run properly and could not uninstall due to "reboot required" bug.

Found this solution on another forum and thought I'd share since it worked for me.

There are other solutions on this forum however, they all pointed to downloading the cleaner file which does not exist any longer.
How to manually uninstall AI Suite 3

Step 1: Open Task Manager – End the following Processes
Stop the following Services
aS HmComSvc

Step 2: Go to C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ASUS\
Erase program files and folders (erases all of them, but you might be able to only do selected ones).

Step 3: Obtain AI3 Cleaner.exe (shown as Cleaner.exe) from another post on this Forum and run the cleaner.

Step 4: Go to hidden directory C:\ProgramData\ASUS and erase at lease AISuiteIII, DipAwayMode, FanXpert folders. (I attempted to run Uninstall after each of the first three steps and got the “You must reboot…” warning until this step – so I suspect the uninstall issue was related to this alone)

Step 5: Reinstall AI3.

If the problem persist there are certain markers in the Registry that can cause this to occur. If the install/reinstall software is buggy it might not clean up:
HKEY_Local_Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Sessio nManager\PendingFileRenameOperations or \FileRenameOperations. (these can exist in ….\SYSTEM\ControlSet001 or 002).
These can make Windows continue to as for a reboot.

11-29-2017, 10:18 AM
AI Suit 3 is worse than a virus to get rid of.