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01-04-2012, 04:53 AM
as it stands i have a budget of $2000 and i can configure a Asus g74sx dh71 on xoticpc the way i like it for around $1608.
But how ever i have 2-3weeks before i actually place my order.
My brother bought a g73sw(or witch ever one with the SB i7 from bestbuy for $1200) and he is satisfied with it.
i can configure a ASUS G73SW-A1 with the same specs except without a 560m for $300 less.
so i was wondering if i should look at another brand of laptop.

I can get a decent alienware m17x r3 for about the same from there outlet but don't want to go there.
but i have considered it because i like the lights but i like the plan blackish color and design of the g74sx

The main things i'm looking for are.
a SB i7
nvidia Gpu
a non box looking case.
good venting (i do plan on oc'ing the 560m)
and be around the same price as the Asus g74sx($1600)

- FREE!! UPS GROUND SHIPPING (Use Coupon Code "FREESHIP" in Checkout - U.S. Only, Not Available to Alaska and Hawaii)
- New Year, New Savings - 4GB RAM Stick Upgrade - FREE (See Ram Section Below to See if this Model Qualifies)
- 17.3" FHD 16:9 "Glare Type" Super Clear Ultra Bright LED Glossy Screen (1920x1080) (SKU - X1R502)
- NO Professional Monitor Color Calibration
- ASUS Zero Bright Dot (ZBD) 30 Day Pixel Guarantee - (Included on ASUS Standard NON-Upgraded Displays)
- 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM, 2.2-3.1GHz, (32nm, 6MB L3 cache) (Limited Availability) (SKU - X2N220)
- Stock OEM Thermal Compound ( IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU Provided FREE with Processor Upgrade!)
- nVidia GeForce GTX 560M 3,072MB PCI-Express GDDR5 DX11 (SKU - X3R602)
- No Video Adapter
- 14GB DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel Memory (1x2GB + 3x4GB SODIMMS) (SKU - X4N381)
- Standard Finish
- No Afterburner Light Package (Afterburner light package will add 2-5 business days to production time)
- Standard White Backlit Keyboard
- 750GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache Buffer (Serial-ATA II 3GB/s) - Default (SKU - X5R303)
- REMOVE Second Hard Drive (SKU - X6R952)
- Combo Dual Layer SuperMulti DVDRW/CDRW Drive w/ Software (SKU - X7R452)
- No Extra Optical Bay Hard Drive Caddy
- No Back Up Hard Drive
- NO External USB Optical Drive
- No Floppy Drive
- Internal 8-in-1 Card Reader: MMC/SD/Mini-SD/XD/Memory Stick/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS Pro Duo
- No Back Up Software
- Bluetooth Included (See “Wireless Network” Section Below)
- Intel® Ultimate-N 6300 - 802.11A/B/G/N Wireless LAN Module (Includes 3rd Antenna) (SKU - X8R108)
- No Network Accessory
- Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
- No TV Tuner
- Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio - Included
- Asus G Series Matching Backpack made by Targus
- Smart Li-ion Battery (8-Cell)
- No Car Adapter
- No Spare AC Adapter
- No Dock/Hub/Adapter
- No Fingerprint Reader
- No Headset
- Asus G Series Gaming Mouse
- No Notebook Cooler
- No Thanks, Please do not Overclock my system
- No Operating System Redline Boost
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Pre-Installed + Drivers & Utilities Disk
- Keep factory installed operating system
- No thanks, do not create backup recovery DVD's
- No Office Software
- No Software Bundle
- 2 Year ASUS GLOBAL OEM Warranty 24/7 Support / 1 Year North America (N.A.) Accidental Coverage (Accidental Requires Registration) (SKU - A9R102)
- No Xotic PC Gear[/SIZE]
i know i'm robing my self of a BR drive but i should not be needing one anytime soon as i don't watch movies allot.
I actually have a much bigger budget just don't wanna spend more than 2000.

01-04-2012, 05:49 AM
Hi, Holy.

It seems to me that you've already answered your own query, so GO for the G74SX!! :)

The "main things" you're looking for in a laptop is the same laptop you're "thinking about" buying..

01-04-2012, 06:04 AM
Hi Holy, I just received my G74SX-RH71 today after ordering it last week, and I gotta say it's a great buy, so definitely go for it. I''d strongly suggest after you get it (if you do, or for any computer you get in general) to make the backup restore discs, and then do a full wipe and fresh install of windows. I've done that with mine on a SSD and I've had no problems at all. Just beware, the ASUS customer support is basically crap, so most of the answers you need you'll probably either find on this forum or through google'ing lol.

01-04-2012, 06:08 AM
well i will make backup restore disks but i already have an unused windows 7 ultimate cd/key so i might just upgrade it to that =)

Well sweet i plan on buying it then so i can't wait till the 15th =)