View Full Version : [ROG SICA] About optical sensor's LED

12-19-2016, 01:12 PM
I don't know if this is a common issue or not.
My ROG SICA mouse is working seemingly fine. Mouse clicks respond fine, ROG logo led lights up fine.
However, it works fine only smooth non-shiny surface(smooth non-polished wood, metal or paper, and mouse pad obviously).
The mouse refuses to work on shiny surfaces which can deflect light(like glossy paper,oversmooth wrapping paper, polished wood), the cursor on screen stays still or has funny movements(jumping around) meanwhile my old Logitech M100r can work fine on those same surface. Even on highest sensitivity and polling rate.
I figured out that my SICA optical sensor LED(as light source) is so dimmed(I barely see its red-light in low-light condition or in a dark room). I can't see any setting for sensor led in Armoury.
I don't know if this SICA uses darkfield sensor or invisible infrared light, in this case, this SICA SHOULD work fine on glass or glossy surface. So obviously the irresponsive movement on glossy surface is due to low light LED.
Is there anyway to increase the brightness of sensor LED for better performance?
I use it with ROG notebook, it is pretty annoying bringing both Logitech and ROG mice in case of surface changes.