View Full Version : G751 can not start up, after 10 seconds shut down

12-20-2016, 10:32 PM
Hey I have a big problem with running my laptop. When I press power button, it starts up (some light brights), and after 10 seconds shut down. Screen is black, also fans not starting up ( I disassemblied keyboard to observe fans ). Normally My laptop works 24/7, and today I decided to turn it off for an hour and then Im not able to run it anymore ;/ I read about some tricks in such cases, as removing battery, holding power putton for minute, than plug power cable and asus should start. However in g751 battery isnt accessible very easy ( moderboard must be disassemblied ).

For me it seems like a powering problem because screen and fans not starting up, only some light on the keyboard.

Waiting for helpful opinions.


I just removed batter but seems like it wont work without battery because it must be connected to motherboard. fk...

Jon G
12-21-2016, 02:46 AM
Sounds like after you disassembled your G751 notebook the first time by removing the keyboard to observe the two rear fans you didn't connect
everything back up correctly. The so called tricks you describe reading about for trouble shooting your notebooks not powering up issue wouldn't
apply to the G751 notebooks b/c of its integrated battery. Now you went as far as taking your notebook apart again, removing the integrated battery,
and reassembling it w/o the battery installed? Hopefully you can disassemble it again, reinstall the integrated battery along w/ making sure that this
time everything is correctly attached and connected before you button it back up. If not, you'll need to either find someone you know who can reassemble it correctly for you or find & pay a PC notebook repair shop to do it for you. You should be able to take it to or send it to your regions
ASUS Service Center (repair facility) and pay to let them fix it for you.

12-21-2016, 12:44 PM
I reassembled it correctly. Laptop wasnt starting up before, and after reassembly. Everything is same as described in first post. So it is not caused by failed assembly.

// I removed keyboard completly and it finally started up :O

Jon G
12-21-2016, 07:53 PM
Bummer Rebekka. Perhaps you should take it or send it to your local ASUS Service Center where they can trouble shoot this issue for you,
give you a repair estimate and replace whatever part(s) are causing this issue. It maybe something simple like replacing the fans. However, since it
only powers up for 10 seconds then crashes (powers itself off), the screen remains black (off), neither of the fans run, these issues may require a new, replacement main board, a new screen, new battery, along with new keyboard, or any combo of these four main components. Your regional ASUS repair facility can isolate the problem component(s), diagnose, replace faulty component(s) and ultimately repair your notebook. At least they have access to all replacement parts needed (or can order them) to fix this ssue if you decide the repair cost is worth it? Wish I had the answer, sorry. Best of luck getting this notebook running smoothly again with everything on it working.