View Full Version : [G46VW] Flashed custom BIOS, not screen won't turn on / boot loop

01-02-2017, 12:43 AM
I recently flashed a custom BIOS on my G46VW, and now it's stuck in a boot loop. Here's what happened:

1. Installed custom BIOS, shut down after installation was complete.

2. Restarted the laptop and went into the BIOS.

3. Took a look at the settings, but didn't change anything. I even exited the BIOS with "Discard all changes" option.

4. Rebooted laptop, now screen won't turn on at all.

The specs for my specific version of the G46VW are so:

i7-3630QM (came with an i5-3230M)

Samsung 850 Evo 1TB (came with some 750GB HDD)

Motherboard is Rev 2.2 (AKA the Thunderbolt 2 version)

16GB Ram (was originally 8GB)

I've read that many other had this issue, except for whatever reason nothing is working for me. So far I've tried:

1. Ctrl + Home at boot to go into the BIOS Recovery.

2. Took out the boot drive, downloaded the newest stock BIOS from the Asus site, renamed it to "G46VW.BIN", placed it in the root directory of the boot drive, put it back into the laptop and tried Ctrl + Home again.

3. Put the renamed BIOS file onto a USB drive formatted as FAT32 and tried Ctrl + Home again. I did this for all three USB ports on the laptop.

4. Disconnected the battery and charger, held down the power button for 2 minutes, then tried Ctrl + Home again.

4. Removed CMOS battery for about a day, held the power button with both the CMOS and laptop batteries disconnected, reinstalled the CMOS battery and tried Ctrl + Home again.

I saw some ridiculous solutions online, like disconnecting all possible parts from the motherboard, removing the CPU, dedicated GPU, and their heatsinks, then heat up the GPU so it "re-solders" itself, then reinstall everything. I don't think this will work, considering this has nothing to to with the GPU.

I even called Asus' support phone line just to get an estimate on time and cost, which they said will be roughly a week or so and $500, which is safe to say is not happening.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.