View Full Version : AI Suite 3/Fan Xpert 3 GPU Temp Source

01-05-2017, 10:27 PM
So I was watching reviews of the new Z270 Asus MOBO's and noticed that Asus was planning on allowing a GPU Source for Fan Xpert 3 rather than the traditional sources of just CPU/MOBO/PCH/VRM. Which got me to thinking how useful it would be to have this feature on all Asus BIOS/AI Suite 3/Fan Xpert 3 regardless of what chipset you are running. I don't know nearly enough about coding to know that it is easy to implement but my little experience tells me that the majority of the source code for the sourcing of the GPU has already been made in GPU Tweak II which would mean all the devs would have to do is copy, paste, and refine. So I guess the question I have is, should I expect to be able to run Chassis fans with the GPU Temp as a source with a Z170 ROG Board via Fan Xpert 3 in AI Suite 3?

03-22-2017, 01:53 AM
3 months from your last post.
No one care.

I think just both of us care about that. I have Maximus IX Formula and I want that features to control water flow and fans in my loop.
Also, the AI Suite 3 CPU temps was incorrect.