View Full Version : G752VS & Samsung SM961 SSD raid 0

01-11-2017, 03:25 PM

i have question about upgrading my g752VS laptop with two SM961 512GB m2.sata discs.

Can some1 confirm that they will work in Raid0?



01-12-2017, 02:14 PM
They will but what would be the point? Justin has a G752VY running 2 950 Pro and if you look up his post he probably wouldn't do it again not much gained read wise and little faster write speed. A single 960 EVO NVME of 1 TB would probably be cheaper and you still have an open slot and no worries about Raid crash with data loss? Just something to think about!!

01-12-2017, 06:35 PM
Yes you can. There is a gain in sequential read from 2500 to 2800 or so and write speeds are doubled. Not what you would think you would get from a raid 0 array, evidently a bottleneck at work in the controller or DMI link. Not enough info on the architecture of laptop MOBOs to call it precisely but a bottleneck nonetheless. This is with 950 pros. I dont think you will even see the full speed of a single SM961 on this platform.
Also just an FYI SM961 is not a sata SSD. Different protocol. NVMe only.