View Full Version : Is the RMA in every country as bad as in mine?

01-12-2017, 07:30 PM
Basically my g751jy has been playing up alot, the problems are small so i dont really need them fixed asap but still.. basically, dc jack is wobbly, my left/right buttons on my trackpad are always pressed even though ive never dropped any liquids on my computer. Also my fans make a ton of noise on startup which seems to make everything vibrate and if i change my nbfc profile so that the fans dont boot up until my computer warms up a bit more they dont make any noise after they start up again... Anyway long story short, i emailed the RMA providers in my country (israel) and they phoned me to confirm the fact that if i want to get my computer fixed i need to pay to get all those problems fixed, i said ok, i dont want lets say the mouse buttons to be fixed, since i always use another mouse anyway, and forget the dc jack, its not the end of the world.. but they tell me that if they find a problem theyll fix it, but ill have to pay 40$ for the checkup, and pay for the shipping both ways since itll be like my computer isnt under waranty. For those wondering its 16$ each way for the shipping.. Is it like this in every country? i mean this is beyond useless, i also wanted to get my computer cleaned and repasted but they told me they dont even provide that service, i paid a premium for 3 years of RMA since it comes with the computer, meaning i have no choice but to take it but still... anyway sorry about my rant, hope you have had better experiences with RMA (wanted to say i love my laptop even though something seems to happen all the time)