View Full Version : Will Asus sell software upgrade to Asus Motherboard owners?

01-15-2017, 04:40 AM
Just was checking out some of the new software on the Asus 270 motherboard line. Sadly, unless you OWN a 270 motherboard, many of the software programs won't work (pass the hardware verification). I fully understand that Asus wants to offer these programs to incentivize people to upgrade motherboards, but the truth is people don't often buy motherboards because you get a new version of Ramcache or Clone disk.

If I didn't have RamCache I already with the x99 Rampage Extreme V Edition 10, I probably would BUY another software program. I don't have a cloning software so I'll find an online version I can use.

Also being on a complete separate platform X99 vs 170/270, these programs aren't even available on the X99 platform. It would be really nice if Asus would allow us to purchase these upgrades if we have a 'qualifying' motherboard. For example these programs are really for the ROG motherboards, so if you have an ROG motherboard, allow us to buy the program. Those of us that are going to use programs like RamCache or Clone Disk would buy them because if we don't get them from Asus we'll get them from somewhere else, so Asus might as well make an extra $5-10 bux from us.

Heck if someone doesn't have an ROG motherboard, charge them $29.99 if they want it.

Anyway rant done.

01-15-2017, 06:04 AM
It's not a matter of purchasing, it's a matter of compatibility in an ever evolving market. They do a decent job with free updates until the hardware becomes obsolete. It's not economically justified to continue development on older hardware. *Software on one platform won't necessarily work on another.**The X99 is at the end of its ropes too. While they have released a few new boards like the RVE10 the intel chipset is more than 2 years old and X299 with SkylakeX and Kaby LakeX are on the horizon which is where they are concentrating their resources.*

We would all love it if a simple software or firmware upgrade would keep us current with technology. However such a ploy would have the opposite result. No new products, no development equates to bankruptcy. *So long as there is a market and people continue to stay on the cutting edge companies like ASUS will thrive by relieving us of excess funds in our bank accounts!*:cool:

01-16-2017, 05:48 PM
I'm not talking drivers and such, but programs like RAMCACHE will work with any HDD/SDD and now M.2 drive. Same with Clone disk. Those programs that work with a DAC, sure unless you have one, you don't need an upgrade.

My thought process on it is someone with a z97 can't use either of the programs that I just mentioned. They would love to be able to get them but unless they spend money on a new motherboard/CPU/RAM they won't get it. So they can spend $400 for a whole new setup or look on the internet and buy similar programs else where. So you might suggest, well heck they should upgrade anyway. The problem is even if you own a z170 board with CPU and such, you STILL can't get the upgraded versions. You sure aren't going to buy a new MB just to get these two programs, so you WILL go else where. Asus could realize that a person has already spent money with Asus, has a recent motherboard and could make $20 on selling an upgrade, instead they lock it down and force us to buy another program for someone else. They are losing money on it.

01-16-2017, 11:36 PM
And again my point is not every software produced is supported on every platform regardless of whether it's free or not. *While it doesn't seem that long ago Z97 and haswell is now very old news in terms of technology. About like the IPhone 4s which is now up to 7 in about the same time frame. This point is just another decision to be made when you choose your poison. Just always keep in mind, you can never have your cake and eat it too! Again we would all love to have technology that endlessly evolved and again this would end it all.*

As for getting the programs you mentioned they are all free and can be downloaded by anyone at anytime without t purchase, again the question remains is are the boards compatible. There is an old southern saying that also applies to technology and having to pony up if you want to stay on the cutting edge.

"You have to lift your leg high if you want to run with the big dogs" or another variant " if you can't run with the big dogs then stay on the porch"*