View Full Version : AI 3 Suite Overclocking instead of manually in BIOS?

01-20-2017, 12:21 PM
I was wondering what method works best for OC on a video editing system.

I only did manual overclocking with good results hitting the 4,5 GHz on my 6850K. Nevertheless I can't get 4,5 GHz stable at RealBench without much more time on fine tuning. Thus I have the following questions?

1. Will AI 3 get the 4,5 stable due to automatic testing?
2. What benefit will I have using the AI 3 Suite?
3. Will I have to have AI 3 running in windows to get its overclock? How much RAM does it take?
4. Can I OC with AI 3 suite, let it save to BIOS and then uninstall it again?
5. AI uses adaptiv voltage overclocking. When running premiere Pro for example will I have delays for the CPU to get at its full clock? Right now I use fixed voltage.
6. After OC with AI 3 can I re-adjust parameters in the suite or better in the BIOS?
7. Is the AI 3 OC profile liked to the BIOS or can I easly edit in BIOS not having AI 3 setting its own OC settings back?

Your help would be much appreciated.