View Full Version : Time to upgrade my laptop, what is the most powerful G-series available now?

01-30-2017, 05:50 AM
Hello Everyone,

I own a G750 from the past three years but due to my work it is time to upgrade my Laptop.
Taking in consideration the incoming models during this year, what will be the most powerful G series available???

If possible, provide the specs and the exact model. I am in Qatar and I want to make sure that I will order the right model.

Thank you!**

01-30-2017, 06:48 PM
These are the two most powerful ASUS ROG laptops

1. ROG GX800VH (dual nVidia 1080)

2. ROG G701VI (single nVidia 1080)

I have a ROG G751JT (nVidia 970) and recently bought the ROG G701VI (nVidia 1080).

The ROG G701VI plays everything in max settings. I have HTC Vive and it plays all VR games without a hiccup.

If downside is that the G701VI comes only supports NVMe and PCIe storage so you cannot install a normal hard disk or ssd drive. Mine came with 512GB and it supports 2 in RAID 0 configuration.

But I have solved the storage problem by connecting a Samsung 950 Pro 1TB and a Samsung 950 Pro 512GB to the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports respectively. These ports are blazing fast so performance is as good if not better than internal drives.