View Full Version : G751J FPS Drops

02-02-2017, 12:18 PM
hi guys,

I have a G751J gaming laptop which has all the high end hardware. But I have been seeing serious FPS drops in games since 8 months or so. I just play LoL these days and even LoL has frps drops. Exactly when im being ganked, fps drops to 42 from 120. ofcourse i get killed because i dont see anything to react in time.

these are the things i have tried:
- i have uninstalled geforce experience and installed only the drivers
- power settings = always on high performance
- in nvidia control panel, everything is set to high
- in lol dropped the quality to low - still fps drops (but high fps )
- in lol fps limit is set to 120 (or lower, no effect)
- vsync disabled / enabled (no effect)
- used benchmark tools but i always get high scores.
- checked cpu & gpu temperatur - normal

What can I do to make my laptop be a gaming laptop again instead of a 2000 piece of **** ?
is there any program, which logs and detects cpu / gpu throttle ?

i seriously dont understand why, but this happens the second time i buy a gaming laptop. paid 2000 but cant even play LoL. this is driving me crazy.