View Full Version : GPU Teak 2 / Aura Issues

02-18-2017, 06:39 PM
Hey fellow ROG's!

Something is interfering with my GPU tweak. I have a feeling its the CAM software. Anyways, wondering if anyone else is having these same issues (listed below)
GPU Tweak - settings will not change while CAM software is running. Reverts back to factory defaults.
Aura Software - interferes with my Corsair RAM LEDs - Had to roll back the software to an older version to get the LED's to work. The Corsair Link software is trash and only controls 1 stick. Unfortunately, this older version of Aura interferes with my CAM Kraken drivers for my water cooler fans and pump so I can't run an overclock while using this rolled back version.
Aura Software - I have to reset my color profile every time I reset my computer. I have a white and black build so I set everything to a bright white. When I restart my computer, my LED colors change to a light blue. Meh

So, I can deal with no RAM Leds... for now. I can deal with having to reset my AURA colors on every reboot... for now. But I need have my GPU Tweak work with my CAM software as that's controlling my water pump and fan profiles for my oc'd CPU. With that being said does anyone no of a different GPU OC tool that may work for me?