View Full Version : STRIX Tactic Pro: Ctrl and media keys not working

02-25-2017, 08:27 PM

I found an issue with my STRIX Tactic pro where the Ctrl and media keys stop working if I press any of the F1-F8 keys while they are in macro mode. Can anybody else confirm the same issue? I was able to reproduce this on 2 units. The bugged keys can be fixed by re-applying your macros from the STRIX software. Here are the exact steps to reproduce it:
- Apply any macro settings using the STRIX software (you must leave at least one of the F1-F8 keys without a macro assigned to it)
- Press Fn + F11 to enable macro mode on the F1-F8 keys
- Press any of these keys that does not have a macro set to it (i.e should be blank key)

That's it, try using your Ctrl now :p The issue is per profile, so these keys will be working for your other profiles, unless you perform the same steps, which will kill the buttons there as well. You now need to re-apply the macros from the STRIX software in order to fix this.

This would not have been as annoying if it was only happening when pressing keys that do not have macros on them, but it happens even if the keys HAVE macros assigned to the, just not always. In my tests this happens 100% of the time if a blank key is pressed, hence the instructions. Anyways this practically renders the extra macro buttons unusable. I hope we can get ASUS to fix this if this is a global issue, so please post here if you tested and what were your results.

NOTE: Let me know if the steps are not clear enough. I can make a video showcasing the issue.

Thanks :)