View Full Version : FPS Problem with my Asus RoG G751JY

02-28-2017, 08:38 PM
So as mentioned in the title, i have a feeling my Asus G751JY Notebook isnt running properly... Specs: 16GB RAM - Nvidia GTX 980M - i7-4720HQ - Gsync monitor able to do 100hz.

SO for example, when i play FOr Honor (Nvidia driver up-to-date) i get lower FPS the longer i play it... or maybe the longer my laptop runs. But my GPU temperature is staying at 82C and maximum of 88C but its rare. When i play League of Legends without Vsync... the game looks really bad and stuttery... with 140+ FPS^^ But with Vsync it inputs lag on my mouse, so... vsync is not an option! Or another example, Borderlands 2... where i lower every graphic setting to low/off and only textures to high and it still lags at some certain maps, or when i look in a specific direction... so i just think my Notebook isnt working how it should. Because, if im not mistaken my specs should be good enough to run these games i mentioned, smoothly? So im really confused why it doesnt work.. my Nvidia settings are untouched.. and even if i tweak some settings, like setting my Graphiccards energy use to max (or whatever you call it) i have a feeling of FPS loss which makes no sense^^ So ye... i wanna know what the important drivers are that i need.. what settings i need to change to optimize my laptop/notebook for gaming (yes i know a Computer would be 12039120312093102931209301 bettter). And sry for my bad english btw.. xD I really hope anyone can help me out here! And ye.. the notebook just doesnt feel like hes using his full potential^^

03-01-2017, 01:59 PM
Are you experiencing random lag/stuttering? This is common due to the slower 5400rpm HDD that comes with most of these laptops. The fix is to either update or rollback your GPU driver and see if theres any difference, or to install the games on the SSD instead. For my G752VY, alot of games stutter and lag if installed on the HDD. I will be replacing it with a SSD soon, at my own expense.

03-01-2017, 02:35 PM
@Kevinnnnn - This Gsync monitor is external or internal?

Check 980M GPU/MEMORY clocks... and compare to nominal since there have been problems with that due to Nnvidia drivers bugs.

Regarding the games itself - I can't help you since I do not have For Honor, League of Legends, Borderlands 2, however...

"Or Honor (Nvidia driver up-to-date) i get lower FPS the longer i play it" - looks like some memory leak due to bad game/drivers programming. Nvidia keeps releasing worse and worse drivers - go to Nvidia drivers forum and read.

Regarding League of Legends and lag at Vsync... please try to set Fast-sync at Nvidia Control Panel... and no any vsync at game itself. Doing so you will not limit FPS... and should reduce lag without tearing.

03-01-2017, 06:25 PM
So the Gsync is internal id say... i can either disable it or enable it. But personally i think Gsync is bad for competetive gaming, and only good for games like The Witcher 3 and stuff like that, so mostly offline games^^ Ehm... and you meant smth like Comparing my Graphicscard memory usage and stuff with the nominal? Like i dont wanna bother you or anything but sadly i dont know how i do that and ye... I always use the latest Nvidia Driver, i always do a clean install without the HD audio driver, GeForce experience etc etc. Like only the physx thing and the Graphic driver itself. I have all my games that i play on my SSD (i dont have many games so i still have over 100GB free on my 256GB SSD). And the stuttering, as i mentioned earlier, is like really small and stuff but it still bothers me bcz obviously you want a game to run smoothly :D And if i can i wanna avoid using any kind of Vsync since the game always feels different with it :/ But the biggest problem i have with my Notebook is that it feels like it uses only 80% of its full potential... atleast it feels like it. For example, Playing Counter Strike GO - i have like 300fps (capped it at 300) And then suddenly after some rounds it just goes down... and i only hav elike 120-250 fps and in CSGO you definetly feel a difference when you go from 300 to 120 xD and also id like to know what are the best nvidia settings? Like is it better to leave it on the default settings? Or should i tweak some settings. Like when i change Multi-Display-Mode to Single-Display-Mode - Graphic energy setting to maximum - the fps get worse (lower) Which i dont understand at all since these settings should BOOST my FPS shouldnt they? I really wanna use my gaming notebook properly, so i dont want to experience problems on a game like CSGO/LoL which dont require inhuman computer specs.