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02-28-2017, 11:10 PM
this is my very first post here.
I need a laptop for using it on stage, mostly DJ'ing with Traktor by Native Instruments,
also I would use it at home for basic office work, internet, mail, basic video editing.
I used to own many laptops in my life. Most of them ended their life in similar way - related to poor construction, first thing to break is a hinge, connection between the screen and laptop, then because of poor components - the cover is breaking apart - mostly because of heat...
Anyway, after long research, I think I came to conclusion, ASUS ROG laptop is something I was actually looking for.
G750 series seems like a laptop powerful enough to run Traktor with small latency without any issues.
Now I read about some of the models, with Nvidia Optimus concept which creates issues.

If anyone of the ROG users can advice me, I would be very happy.
Ican;t afford the newest models of ROG, 771 series - got different build- and problems with overheating,
G750 series with it's double cooling system, and sturdy build, seems to me like a good choice.

Again, I am not a gamer, but obviously with laptop like this, I will check how it goes:)
but, this is not important,
I need laptop,built like a tank, powerful and with a good cooling system,
so I won't have problems on stage, where is rather hot then cold,
no clicks,or god forbid - system hangouts...:(

your help much appreciated
thanks in advance

03-01-2017, 12:37 AM
Yes I think you could get a good deal on the G752Y, good cooling stable looks great for on stage, seems to be the least problematic of all models since G75. I don't know about built like a tank, I think Panasonic used to are may still produce a model that the military uses because of heavy duty construction? Any of the G models should work good for your music program onboard speakers aren't that good but sounds good to me for movies and listening to music with head set or ext speakers.

03-01-2017, 03:08 AM
If you need it to stay cool then the G752VY will have a slight advantage over the other models as it has vapor chambers in its heat pipes. I think the G752VS does too, but I am not entirely sure. With the vapor chamber you'll see better cooling performance. From there, since you'll be using it for live performances, you have to consider aesthetics. The plastic around the vents on the G752VY and G752VS OC Edition is a bright orange color. The plastic around the vents is black on other models, like the regular G752VS and the G752VT, etc. Go with whichever you think looks best.

03-01-2017, 12:32 PM
Best used for music production and live playing i think are macbook pro's. you dont need powerful graphics of gaming laptops, what you need is a powerful processor and lots of hard disk space. If you want an asus, ux series may fit you. Its slim and looks similar with the macbook i don't know regarding performance.*

Also, even though macbook hardware may be underspecced, it seems their operating system efficiently makes use of them. Also my own opinion.

03-01-2017, 01:55 PM
Be warned, these asus notebooks can be severely unreliable, ive gone through 1 screen and 1 keyboard since i got my G752VY about 7-8 months ago, along with endless problems, the screen is failing again. The worst thing being the cheap 5400rpm HDD that came standard, it causes constant lag and stuttering with most games. The only solution is to install games on the smaller SSD.

If you need something for a live performance, i recommend any other brand, that will be more reliable. FYI ive been building PC's since the 90s, this laptop is the most unreliable machine i have ever owned. Whatever your purchase though, i wish you the best.

03-01-2017, 07:45 PM
Thanks for answers.
I dont want mac, i used to use win OS and I also think apple is overpriced slowish computer:)
which looks super sexy, and it has good hardware
I am staying with PC, but your opinion about unreliable asos laptops makes me very anxious...
I was actually ready to go with rog, gl751, or something around 950 EUr figure for refurbished laptop, new, with average spec..

I really like g751, it looks like its built to last
and it has very good cooling system

Its tru I dont need super graphics, but I understand those laptops are made to perform,
and I need good and reliable performer
Maybe I can get rog g501 - sluggish on games, (but i dont care) but good looking, well cooled slim modern office more like laptop

Really please more people confirm it is bad idea to get asus rog,
After long research I thought this is laptop for a DJ

thanks for your input

03-02-2017, 12:23 AM
asus g501 has almost the same hardware config as the ux501. Both look very good in their own way. Personally, i think asus in general have very good build quality and are very reliable. In 4 asus laptop purchases, only 1 laptop died within 3 months from purchase. It had a bad motherboard and was replaced with a new motherboard by bestbuy free of charge. That was 2 years ago and it is still running good until now.*

What im saying is, in my experience, asus laptops are very reliable. *But it is evident in this forum that many users did not have the same experience as mine. Many factors are causing this and i believe it is not just on asus products.

With that said, if you want th g501, it looks very good but it only has one hdd slot no optical drive, and maybe 1 m.2 ssd slot? If you want more internal storage and bigger display, go for the g751jt with gtx 970m or the g751vl with the gtx960m/965m. These offer 2 x 2.5" hdd open ical drive and an m.2 ssd slot (depending on model).*

03-02-2017, 03:18 PM
Well you came to a forum that most users never find. Unless you have issues with your ROG notebook you'll most likely never look for this forum. With that said most of us like our ROG notebooks. GL series has weak cooling as well at the G551 also has limited storage when you try to make a 15" notebook a gaming notebook sacrifices have to be made to shrink it that much. I can't say much to the use as a DJ I have no idea what the issues are for that purpose. I don't personally game, I do some video editing, Auto Cad and run MS Office and Adobe software. My notebook is a Desktop replacement for me. I work remotely, I'm off to a job anywhere for weeks a month or a few days. Once I'm on a location I pretty much stay set up until the end of said project I work on Barges Ships and Boat and sometimes on land. So I need reliability and power and portability which I find I have with Asus Gaming notebooks. That's just me