View Full Version : Asus Strix Z270F and i5 7600K reboot issue.

03-09-2017, 11:46 AM
Hey all,

I'm pretty much outta ideas and I need help from the community.

I just bought a Asus Strix Z270F mobo, with a Kaby Lake i5-7600K.

Cooler is a Deepcool Malestorm 240 AIO, with a 2 x 8gb Crucial Ballistix LT Sport, Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD 256gb, Superflower Titanium 650w PSU, and a GX1070 FE from Asus.

The first week of use was fine after assembly, but after that, the PC kept going into a reboot cycle constantly. See video in link: https://youtu.be/rc9NMw2cLWk

This will typically occur about after an hour of usage, even when idling. The PC will just turn off and reboot.

So far, I have tested a single stick of RAM, tested both RAM, RMAed the Mobo, RMAed the PSU, currently RMAing the GPU.

Problem still persist, to the point that with 1 stick of RAM, and my SSD disconnected, running the PC in bios, it will shut down and reboot after about 45 minutes. The Bios will show temperature at about 30 degrees, and I'm pretty sure that the CPU is not overheating as well, as the Coretemp was registering temperature of between 35 to 52 degrees Celcius, even during load.

I tot it was the GPU, hence, had it RMAed. However, when I have connected the the monitor to the onboards graphics, the reboot continues to happen.

Typically, once I turn of the power, and let it alone for 20 mins, the PC will work again for 1 to 2 hours before going into the reboot cycle.

Does anyone whave any insights or thoughts the can share? This issue is really gving me a big headache...

Thanks in advance.