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03-12-2017, 07:52 PM
Hi all. I have problems with the ASUS laptop, G752VS the problem is the touchpad device and the keyboard, namely the touchpad is always disabled gestures after closing the laptop lid and sleep. And the problem with keyboard is that I can't disable the part highlighting it in the ASUS gaming center utility hot zone light is simply absent.Please help.I rebooted all the drivers and also reinstalled Windows clean.Thank you for your attention.

03-15-2017, 09:43 AM
I can't believe the deafening silence on this issue from ASUS!

There are threads all over this site and indeed all over the Internet - a few claim to have found solutions but it seems that the vast majority are still looking for a solution. I have tried everything that has been suggested without the issue being resolved.

ASUS - in case this is unclear:

I have wasted 5+ hours trying to fix this without luck. ASUS support regurgitates the same response... Reinstall drivers, which of course most of us had already tried. They listed the drivers and suggested the load order. Followed exact instructions and order but - no go. They suggested a factory reset. Drastic, but I tried it yet still has the same issues after allowing windows to update. No go. The final step they say is to return to the dealer. Like they will have any more luck... I also got one for a friend (same model G752) and the exact problem is there.

For a laptop that costs the price of half a car, the lack of communication and urgency on this issue is astounding.

Have I really made a mistake purchasing an ASUS?


Else it's gonna go viral..

03-15-2017, 06:03 PM
Yes I agree, I was talking to Asus support about these two issues (1. Gestures touchpad just refuse to work after sleep. 2.Adjustable backlight keyboard Hot Zone it is simply not available in the utility Center on the Gaming laptop Asus ROG G752.
1. I was told that you need to reinstall the driver namely the first problem is driver touchpad,ATK driver,and input driver from intel,all with no source and did not leave me to overcome this problem.
2.The second problem I was told that the utility allegedly may not be the model of the laptop, but I watched the video on YouTube and saw the guy's laptop as me and hot zone he has.In General I support asus and these problems are very annoying.I'm very attached to this laptop and don't want to part with it. But I am disappointed with Asus support.
Then I took the laptop and decided to reinstall Windows from scratch, including formatting the C drive in the hope that this will solve the problem with the software.But to my disappointing. it didn't help. So if anyone has such problem then reinstalling Windows will not be able to help install drivers on clean Windows also will not work.
Thank you for your attention friends.

03-15-2017, 10:17 PM
I can't believe the deafening silence on this issue from ASUS!

I take it you're new around here. I'm not even a little shocked.

03-16-2017, 01:56 PM
These are just some of the many hardware/software problems related to these rog laptops. There are no fixes for most of them so i just tolerate it. By far the most unreliable pc/laptop ive owned since the 90s. Serves me right for choosing the cheapest option compared to all other brands (2016 G752VY).

11-23-2017, 05:37 PM
Shambles. I seem to be getting nowhere with ASUS "support" also