View Full Version : Sonic studio 3 cant get mic to work in game

03-12-2017, 11:34 PM
just got a z270 code and everything is working fine except for sonic studio 3.
When i enable the advanced audio routing setting music and chrome to speakers and in game to headphones my mic will not work.
For instance, In CS go if i have the audio routing enabled my in game mic will not work. it shows that its working in the mic test screen in the game itself also.

anyone know a fix or whats causing this? i saw some posts about the c920 logitech webcam giving issues but when i unplug that and restart my computer i still have the same issues with the regular in line mic on my headphones.

my new main rig is a z270 code with a i7 7700k, nzxt x52 aio, 16 gb 3200mhz rgb trident z, EVGA gtx 980 classified, RM1000 psu, samsung 960 EVO 500gb, asus ROG swift 27 inch 144hz g-sync, razer mamba chroma TE, razer blackwidow chroma TE speakers are routed to a yamaha cr-3020 reciever and some big ass speakers, logitech c920.