View Full Version : ROG G750JM - will it have UEFI Bios ?

03-20-2017, 02:18 AM

As the title says, I'm wondering If will we have UEFI Bios on a ROG G750JM ? I want to use Windows e-Drive encryption, but UEFI is a must - version 2.3.1 and with the EFI_STORAGE_SECURITY_COMMAND_PROTOCOL defined .

Or it already has it and I can't freakin' figure out how to switch to it again.

Thank you.

03-20-2017, 11:38 PM

Since the G750JM supports Windows 8.1, it does support UEFI boot if this is what you're asking.
If you aren't worried about any bios settings, try reloading the default bios settings, or make sure secure boot is enabled (and disable Launch CSM if necessary?) if you see these settings in the bios?

Feel free to request more suggestions if this doesn't help. Thanks.

03-21-2017, 06:03 AM
Hello Albert,

Thank you for your post. I do see I have UEFI boot for Network card, but that's about it. I don't have any Secure boot or CSM or something.
I've went into BIOS and took a picture of all the options, please have a look.

My end goal is to use Microsoft eDrive ( Bitlocker uses the SSD hardware encryption for which I need to have Windows in UEFI mode with Secure boot


If you want to boot from the encrypted SSD you also need a motherboard which supports UEFI version 2.3.1 and has the EFI_STORAGE_SECURITY_COMMAND_PROTOCOL defined. This part is actually very difficult to ensure, as most motherboard manufacturers don’t specify these things on their websites.

And I can't get past the UEFI Secure boot part :(

Any other ideeas ?
Thank you .

le : I downgraded bios to 206 then 205 , I loaded setup defaults, same behaviour .

03-21-2017, 06:39 PM
Uhm, ok ... I think I remember that at some point I might have deleted the UEFI Boot options ( don't ask me why ) . Found out that other people complained about this, and can't figure out a way to recover them ... it seems that downgrading the bios , upgrade , load setup defaults does not bring them back

03-21-2017, 08:03 PM
Bios is dead a long time ago as far as i can remember. Certainly your g750 is already uefi

03-21-2017, 08:52 PM
Then how can i re-enable Secure boot ? Most likely I f**ked up something, but can't remember what and don't know how to fix it :(

03-21-2017, 10:04 PM
Yes back when you converted from UEFI to MBR you lost the ability to use secure boot and UEFI. Converting to MBR works there is no way to convert a OS SSD to UEFI with out a clean install
The solution is to clean install windows 8.1 or 10 PRO in UEFI mode See the sticky thread on the procedure https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?76993-Guide-How-to-install-windows-8-8-1-10-The-proper-way-(UEFI-based-installation). And bit locker is only available on the pro versions of window.
I don't know who would know what version of UEFI your notebook supports it came UEFI. This is the first time I have every had the version of UEFI come up Perhaps some other users of Bit locker may have more information I would troll the MS forums on bit locker ? I don't think many gamers use it.