View Full Version : G73SW-bst6 RAM update

01-09-2012, 09:05 PM
Quick one for folks...
I have the mobo configuration that has 4 ram slots populated with 2 gb chips each, giving 8 gb ram total.
There are 2 slots easily accessible on the bottom of the mobo, and two buried under the keyboard.
I want to upgrade to 12gb ram by replacing the two easily accessible 2 gb chips with 4 gb chips.

Question... does anyone know DEFINITELY whether these two banks (slots) that are easily accessible are a pair for dual channel purposes? I don not want to upgrade if I will be operating in single channel mode by doing so, and I can't find authoritative info indicating which physical locations are paired with which.

If no one knows that answer, if you could guide me to how to definitively determine if a pair of chips are functioning in single or dual mode, I'll simply replace the pair I can get at, and check to see if it is running dual or single. please be sure to know the test you suggest will ID the mode a system is running in, and NOT simply ID the capability of the chip, as I know some tests ID the chip and report "dual" as it's nature, and not as a reflection of the mode in which the chip is presently functioning.

That make sense?

Thanks for the help... have fun!