View Full Version : Asus ROG G752VS 6700HQ and Geforce 1070, fans ramping up in "low" load scenarios

03-20-2017, 06:22 AM
Hey guys!

I have had my Asus G752VS for two days now and so far I have mixed feelings. It is the version with: 120hz screen Intel 6700HQ CPU and Geforce 1070 GPU.

The looks and feel on the laptop is awesome and also I have almost zero backlight bleed. But I am seriously doubting that I can be satisfied with a Pascal laptop, the make so much noise comparing to my Asus ROG G750JX. I know its not even comparable performance wise but still.

The most annoying thing is that the fans keeps ramping up when just browsing and installing a game for example. This makes the fans sometimes go up to 2500-3000rpm for a minute or so and it is annoying that they keep doing this. It seems to be when the CPU temp hits 55-60 degrees that the fans ramp up. Since there is no fan control I cant do anything about it either.

Does your laptops do the same? I had another G752VS that I had to send back and that did the same so it seems unlikley that my current is faulty as they both did this ramping up thing.

Best regards J

03-21-2017, 09:18 AM

I also encountered this problem, mostly when I undervolted the CPU and GPU. I did undervolt to minimize the noise of cooling fans, but the laptop showed this issue.

When the CPU fan was between 60C and 65C the fan ramp up to full speed. I made searches on the net and discovered a tool which help showing what happens in the Embedded Controller, and I managed to see that when the CPU Fan receives the order to put himself in state 2 the fan goes to full speed. More the CPU is hot higher the state of the fan is, on state 3 the fan runs at 2600RPM on state 4 at 2900RMP, but on state 2 (between 60C and 65C) it goes to full speed.

I even RMAed my laptop, they changed the CPU fan and same problem, I sent it back they changed the motherboard but the problem remains.

We need to get in touch with someone who can transmit the message to ASUS Bios makers : there are problems, this and the gesture control non responding touchpad after resuming from sleep.