View Full Version : G771jm Lag when using tv through hdmi

03-22-2017, 06:51 PM
I'm playing Overcooked on the tv using the HDMI on my G771jm. I'm using duplicate display mode and on 5 different tvs, I have 2 possible issues.

1, everything works fine.
2, or the tv has a lag. 2 tvs I've found had this lag and 3 was fine. One that was fine was a projector. Other 2 are tvs. All 4 tvs are different in make/model.

The lag is bad enough that controls get messed up and it's better to game on the 17 inch laptop rather than the 60 inch tv for the couch co-op game.

It can be rectified if I figure out how to run the game off the tv but that's always been a hassle to figure out. I can extend displays, make the tv my primary, run the game off of Steam and the game ends up running on the laptop lcd.

Any ideas on how to make it either stay on the tv OR better yet, fix the lag?

I've updated drivers.