View Full Version : Asus G752VS 4K Overclocked model - Crashes Issues - Including Video

03-30-2017, 04:18 AM

My friend has this laptop and he has issue with games. when playing games on 1920x1080 he has crashes, when playing the same games on 4K they don't crash. specific games for now are BattleField 1 and Vikings - Wolves of Midgard.

The issue is : 1920x1080 Ultra Graphics

The game crashes with weird black and red lines, but not closed, it is still running behind, there is Nvidia Display driver crash and has been recovered 2 times in the event viewer.

CPU 6820HK
GPU 1070M
M.2 256GB Toshiba

We checked
Cpu Temprature max 75c-90c not the issue
GPU Temprature max 72c-75c not the issue
Hyperthreading is enabled

This is a video of what happens while 15 sec in the game, the video starts exactly when we launched the game


Battlefield 1 shows this error while other games not

We checked everything

Fresh OS
didn't install any unneeded software like Asus ROG Control Center, Audio Center or whatever it's called.
It happened before updating the newest bios, it was before 202 or something we updated it to 306.
We tried many nvidia drivers since the release of 1000 series and many settings.
We tried with and without Gsync
We tried to disable the windows 10 DPI Scaling to 100% on the display settings.
We Disabled the GPU Scaling or put Aspect Ratio on the NVCP
We checked a bit Prime95 and OCCT

Some games works fine like Witcher 3

What can cause this issue ?

Please help

Thank You