View Full Version : ROG Front Base or OC Panel???

04-07-2017, 03:28 AM
I'm trying to decide on what I should do with my old case some for monitoring my overclock. It is a major shift case which is essentially a Silverstone Raven 1, the *original Raven. It has a door on it and on the right side it's about an inch or so maybe bigger deep but on the left side it's like a quarter inch deep from the front panel. I'm trying to figure out if the front base would fit since the knob is on the right. *Would you I'll take the chance and buying the front base not fitting or just get an OC panel if you could find one? Actually they're both getting kind of hard to find which sucks. I prefer the front base over the OC panel if I can get it because of the display. But I only have three 5 1/4 inch bays. *And I have also the baited about getting the front panel 3.1 A and front panel 3.1 C. But that would definitely become an issue with only three slots if I got the front base. So given the situation I have would you say it's better to get the OC panel? I mainly wanting to just monitor over clocks in *A visual setting on the front of the case. That's why I prefer the front base over the OC panel. I know the OC panel sits flush but it seems like a waste of an OC panel just to use it as a visual aid. Especially with all the power of the OC panel offers. *If it was your build what would you do?**

Thanks in Advance, AliceSML79 *