View Full Version : G551VW - Two-Color battery charge indicator - Blinking Green - What is it meaning?

04-08-2017, 11:12 AM

I got worried, because i could not find any reason on the internet or in the users manual for my laptop what the Two-color bettery charge indicators blinking green light means. I bought my laptop nearly a year ago now, and I never seen this happen. It blinks green with bettery, with bettery connected to power and without bettery connected to power, so everytime the laptop is turned on.

Please if anyone know, or even if just have an idea what it can cause this, please help me!

Thank You in advance!


I don't know why, but a Windows (10) update solved it, from now it is not blinking...

*EDIT 2*

Aaaaaand I don't know why, but it's back... :(