View Full Version : [G751JT] Windows Creators weird bug with keyboard backlight

04-20-2017, 06:24 PM

So i recently updated the laptop to windows 1703, i have the last ATK_Package(100050) installed, everything works fine with no issues on the device manager, the keyboard works as expected with every app it automatically turn off after 60 secs, except with mpc-hc both versions 64 (1.7.11) and 32 (1.7.9) it's always on, i have to turn them off myself and then turn them on back again after the movie and some times results with me putting it into airplane mode, sleeping, etc..., by pressing the wrongs keys, if i use another video player like VLC it works fine.

Now i installed mpc-be, with exactly the same choice of external render (madVR) and filters (LAVfilters), and the backlight works like it's supposed with mpc-be with exactly the same settings as mpc-hc.

Does this happens to anyone else and does someone knows a solution for this?

Thanks. :)