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04-23-2017, 06:17 PM
Hello good people,i've been browsing on this forum for quite some time and just decided to create an account.
I've learned so much reading posts,so many knowledgeable people..especially @JustinThyme,got so much information from him.
Let me just tell you my laptop settings so you could understand my questions.
I own G752VY,model with 980m(4GB vram).Things i've changed in nvidia control panel 3D settings: Power management mode --> Prefer maximum performance and Texture filtering quality --> High performance,
also PhysX settings: Processor --> gtx 980m.Now questions..
1)Should i change some other settings as well to boost laptop performance?
2)Should i disable V-sync in 3D settings and only enable G-sync(while i am playing on laptop)?Sometimes i use external monitor asus vg248qee..when playing on external monitor should i turn V-sync on(Use 3D application settings) since i don't have G-sync thingy for monitor?
3)I used RealBench for benchmarking and got 93000 and 3D spytime -> around 3000.Are these good scores,i saw some guys with same laptop specs get 100500 in RealBench..how is that even possible?
4)Should i switch between Balanced and High performance when gaming?

That would be all,thanks in advance!:))

04-23-2017, 08:46 PM
G-Sync only works upto the monitor or displays maximum refresh rate. If you turn off V-Sync and your FPS exceed the refresh rate (75hz) you will see tearing on yr screen. Have G-Sync and V-Sync on and cap your FPS at 70 FPS using RTSS.

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