View Full Version : White screen then blackscreen after windows startup G75VW

04-26-2017, 10:03 PM
i have a 5 years old Asus G75vw, yesterday we cleaned it and replaced all the thermal compounds for the GPU and CPU. Everything went fine until after 30mins of gaming the GPU driver crashed (kernel error something i cant remember) then followed by a black screen (i saw some red artifacts appear before it crashed).

Now i can go into BIOS with no problem, but i cant boot into windows when i installed a driver for my GPU (GTX660M) i can hear the windows startup but i only see a black screen (with backlight).

I can boot into safe mode with no problem, if i uninstall the graphics driver i can boot into normal mode..

So what can i do? What could be the problem? I cant format as the black screen appears again if i try to boot my UEFI usb bootable drive (windows 7)