View Full Version : ROG G752VT + W10-Creators Update + NVidia 38# drivers = Stutters

05-12-2017, 12:39 PM
Just wanted to pass along my recent testing results. I did a clean install of the new Windows 10 Creators Update and applied the latest NVidia drivers 381.XX and/or 382.05. At first, The Division benchmark (with Game Mode ON) seemed to show a noticeable FPS improvement. However, most all 3D games had a severe stutter especially when the games load their main menus. In game FPS counters showed similar improvement as The Division. In addition, one non 3D strategy game would go black in full-screen mode.

I reverted back to NVidia driver 376.33 and the stutter and black screen were fixed. In addition, game FPS seemed to be even better than the 381/382 drivers.

Overall, no major issues (so far) with this combination and overall Windows performance is really good. All ROG software seems to run fine. The only problem I seem to have is one of my CH Products joysticks stops working from time to time. I have to rescan using the CH Products Manager so that Windows can rediscover it before I load the game.

UPDATE: I did try the 378.92 driver with the Creators Update. It worked fine (no major stutters), but I did have a drop in FPS performance compared to the 376.33 driver.