View Full Version : ROG Laptop 551 keys compatible with 552v?

05-12-2017, 03:56 PM
So, my 'A' key popped off, the keycap's base is broken and i don't see a way to fix it, so I'm planning on buying a new key.

I've tried changing it for the "three line" key at the bottom right (Never used it!), but sadly it didn't fit (The only keys that fit are "letter" keys, numeric and letter keys dont seem to be compatible), so the only solution left is to buy a new key.

The problem is that only GL551 keys are available for a reasonable price, 552v keys cost almost 3 times more so I'm wondering if the keycaps from the two models will be compatible.

(I have a 552v laptop and want to replace a keycap from a GL551 keyboard)

Thank you for help!

05-13-2017, 01:31 AM
Think this might work G500 Series key repla (https://www.replacementlaptopkeys.com/asus-g500-laptop-keyboard-keys-replacement-silver/)cements. The GL series are all together different notebooks than the G series. I would contact these vendors that are selling these replacement keys they are likely to know if they have replacement keys for your notebook and which ones will work.