View Full Version : Upgrading a G752VS to NVME Raid0.

05-31-2017, 07:34 AM
I just recieved an G752VS-BA206T notebook.

It comes with a single 256GB Toshiba XG3 THNSN5256GPU7. I bought a OCZ RD400 because supposedly they are the same.

Currently under the SATA-menu in the UEFI the SATA Mode is set to AHCI.
Both SSDs are recognized from Windows itself, but the Intel Rapid Storage Tools does not see them.
The NVME-menu in the UEFI just lists both volumes but I cannot change any setting there.

If I change the SATa-Mode to RAID the following happens:

1) Windows no longer boots due to a inaccessible boot device error.
2) A Intel Rapid Storage menu ite appears in the UEFI, but it only lists the THNSN5256GPU7, not the OCZ RD400.
3) NVME-menu in the UEFI disappears.

05-31-2017, 02:37 PM
For raid zero you always want the exact same drives just for starters.
You cant just enable/disable raid and still boot. There many posts to go about how to do this in this section, I've posted a few of them. The search function is your friend and you will find most of the info under the G752VY as this was the first to have raid available. There is also a lot under the 950 Pro NVMe

Now for the bad news.
Its a waste of time and money to put two drives in raid 0 on these machines, If you are doing it for a mirror for data protection then its worthwhile. If the intent is speed you will be bitterly disappointed as these notebooks wont even run a single 960 pro to its full potential. 2800 MBps is the max due to a bottleneck. Ive already walked this path and tried it. Not worth it for speed gain.

05-31-2017, 04:48 PM
I have already been reading a couple of threads in this and other forums. I did not find a solution, though.

1) Windows no longer boots due to a inaccessible boot device error.

Supposedly this can be avoided by either booting into safe mode or changing registry key. I tried, but it didn't work.

2) No Raid options

The SSDs are supposed to be identical, the XG3 in the notebook is the OEM version, the OCZ RD400 the retail model. However, it looks like some OEM models are compatible with Intel RST, some are not and the retail versions never are. Which is a shame since the XG3 is a very good drive that surpassed even the 960 Evo in most benchmarks.

I ended up with replacing the 256GB XG3 with a 500 GB 960 Evo. For cloning purposes I installed it on the second slot and both were recognized by the Intel RST utility in the UEFI. So if I want to go for a Raid 0 later I can just add a second 960 Evo. This is OK for me.